Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Replacing the "First World" with the "Third World" Globally -the New World Order

1.) Keynesian Economics, the Central Banking System, Centralized Governments, and the "F.I.R.E. Economy" fuels the belief in the Post-Modern and Post-Industrialized adage, "Debt is good". However, unsustainable Debt that has been incurred by the Government, Corporations, Institutions, and Individuals leading to: "Sell Offs", "Repossession", "Bankruptcy", "Buy Backs", "Mergers" (which leads to "Monopolization"), "Privatization", and "Foreclosure" for Banks and those with actual wealth (not delusion wealth based on items "owned" and the "size" of those items).  This is why Banks have used ads in the past in order to promote, "borrowing is good for all" and "debt is good for all" when in fact, borrowing is addictive, contagious, and problematic (especially since sound financial skills and understanding of the actual Economy and Economics is not taught in Public Educational Institutes).  This has allowed Banks to influence the minds of citizens in all aspects of the work world as well.  This has also allowed Banks to control Institutions, Organization, and Governments.

2.) Much of the "Developed" Countries and "First World" countries borrowed heavily from the Central Banks after World War II and through the Cold War era in order to fuel "Development" and "Infrastructure Building" in their economies in order to attract "Investment".  However, this has put all Countries into Debt to Bankers which will allow for massive "sell offs" of the country's Industry and Resources to pay back Bank loans that have accumulated through Interest.  Due to "Keynesian Economics" which promotes Government spending on Infrastructure and Social Programs, Governments incurred massive amounts of Debt that then get passed on to Taxpayers at a later date.  Currencies also become debased in order to promote exports which makes it more costly for Citizens of that country. Usually when one country debases their currency another soon follows and a "Race to the Bottom" ensues (also known as a "Currency War").  Eventually the currency becomes so worthless that the Government can no longer pay back it's debt and defaults which allows for the Countries natural resources to be "sold off", pensions to be looted, taxes to be raised, government services to be cut, and standard of living for citizens to be brought down.  This is the cycle of Keynesian Economics and Central Banking.

3.) Education in the “Third World” for many living in the “Third World” is not seen as a Return Investment because it does not garner a job or a livelihood it only incurs Debt.  Due to the lack of Social Networks that have Upward Mobility Opportunities because much of the "Third World" is stratified and divided by economic lines with the rich and middle class going to private schools and the lower income earners going to a state funded public school, many people in the “Third World” cannot gain jobs through Education so Education is not seen as a viable option for them or their families.  Many people that can afford Education or have Education in the "Third World" flee their own country for job opportunities (which is what is known as a "Brain Drain").  Presently, since the Economic Crisis of 2008, Socialist Countries known as the P.I.I.G.S (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain –not to mention Cyprus as well) now are involved in mass emigration to other countries in the “First world” as they are being transformed into the “Third World” due to Government debt.  "Brain Drain" also leads to "Wealth Drain" as those with Education and Wealth are now Investors in the "First World" and often never return to their countries to live.

4.) The “Third World” is known for a Weak economy with Scarce jobs and Over-competition for any position available in the Job Market. The “Third World” has Heavy saturation of Degrees (for those that can afford it), plenty of people with "Life Experience", and many people with "Jobs Skills" and yet simultaneously the "Third World" has High levels of Unemployment (or Underemployment).  The “Third World” for many people living there, has given them Minimal chance of Upward Mobility due to High levels of "Cronyism" and Rampant "Corruption".  Governments of the "Third World" have very little power to change the lives of its citizens for the better due to "Free Trade Deals" which means the countries are nothing more than "Cash Crop" economies who are forced to Export their natural resources and products for a Small financial gain while Importing a high level of Commodities which saps at their Government revenue therefore causing most "Third World" governments to never be able to pay back their Central Banking Debt.  "Foreign Aid" as well as "Government spending" and "Bank loans" have created a debased Currency with "Standard of Living" in the Third World being very costly.  Hence, why there is a Stratification of society in the Third World.

5.) In the past, “First World” citizens went to the “Third World”: to Invest, to Implement strategies in business and in government, to Teach, for Tourism purposes, and to Work in the “Third World” (for whatever reason).  Presently, the affluent or/and well educated "Third World" citizens are asked to come into the “First World” by the Governments of those countries (ex: Canada) and asked to Invest and "help" the country’s economy from faltering and weakening.  This allows for the "Third World" to become weaker through "Wealth Drains" and "Brain Drains" and simultaneously brings in an Underclass of workers, Borrowers, Savers, and Investors into the "First World" therefore strengthening the F.I.R.E (Finances, Insurance, and Real Estate) economy and giving the Illusion to the citizens of the "First World" that their economies are strong and not faltering.

6.) In the “Third World”, society is divided between the “Haves” and the “Have-nots”.  Much of the profits the “Haves” have made in the Third World were from the past when their families were working with European Colonial Administrations during Colonialism as well as working with Military Dictatorships during the Cold War. This amassed enormous wealth for many families.  Also, in the "Third World" the “Haves” are also often “Old Money” European Aristocrats whose family wealth can be traced to the Medieval Ages.  Europeans who also came to those countries during Colonialism have amassed enormous wealth.  Some of the “Haves” however are the “New Money” that came after World War I, after World War II, and during the Cold War by using the F.I.R.E economy to their advantage and invested in the "Third World".  Many of those "Haves" of the "Third World" are the ones you see with children in Western Boarding schools, Travelling around, and living affluent lives all over the world.  The "Have-nots" however, live very different lives from the "Haves".  This is how Stratified societies exist in the "Third World" with the "Have-nots" often working for the "Haves" and being dependent solely on the "Haves" for their livelihoods and their lives.

7.) The “Third World” is a mentality and a lifestyle.  People do whatever they can to survive whether it is to themselves (ex: prostitution) or to others (ex: theft, selling drugs, becoming a government informant).  This is also why Corruption/Cronyism and Mob Mentality/Herd Mentality is so rampant in the Third World. This is also why people are so fearful and give into the Government's wishes or the Wishes of Street Gangs, Para-Militaries, Militias, Death Squads, and Drug Cartels.  People don't object to the Government's demands and work so closely with the Government and Law Enforcement because one small slip up and the Individual and his Family can lose everything and be on the other side of the stratified environment where Street Gangs, Para-Militaries, Militias, Death Squads, and Drug Cartels are.  Tragically, often times the Government and Law Enforcement uses Street Gangs, Para-Militaries, Militias, Death Squads, and Drug Cartels to eliminate enemies of the Government, "Whistle Blowers", and Dissidents.  Many areas in the "Third World" are divided up by regions where even Politics itself is Regional.  Governments also work with Street Gangs, Para-Militaries, Militias, Death Squads, and Drug Cartels to eliminate each other.

8.) Police, Private Security, and Military work strictly for the Government and the Affluent in the "Third World" and this is why they are prone to Corruption. Many Police Officers, Private Security members, and Military personnel are fearful of reprisals and turn others in or kill others, in order to save themselves. The "Surveillance State" allows this behavior to be accepted.  Police also use "Extraction Squads" to remove a Dissident from society and from memory.  This is why many do not trust the police and turn instead to Street Gangs, Drug Cartels, and Death Squads in order to stay alive.

9.) Eliminating the Manufacturing sector because of a Debased Currency through the "Free Trade Deals" of the 1990's allowed for the "F.I.R.E. economy" to be implemented which allowed for money to flow into countries and keep countries and their economies propped up.  However, much of the money that flowed into the countries through the F.I.R.E. economy is now Government, Corporate, or Individual Debt and it is fraying at the seams.  "Bubbles" have appeared everywhere the F.I.R.E. economy has touched and when the Market crashes or their is a "Margin Call" everything falls apart like a stack of cards with bubbles bursting everywhere and illusionary wealth now vanished.

10.) Not having a National Bank and therefore being Dependent on the Central Banking system allowed for national currencies to be weakened.  This allowed Inflation to erode at the wages of workers in a country and "standards of living" to drop (unless you decided to live with debt and live a life of debt -which many did once the F.I.R.E. economy was entrenched into society during the mid-1990's and 2000's).

11.) Forced "Multiculturalism", and Forced "Equality" through Liberalization programs and Government "Tokenism" forced Socialist countries like Canada and the E.U. to create "Progressive Taxation" systems that drained the wealth from Individuals and Corporations without actually giving anything back to those Individuals or Corporations. The more hours you worked, the more taxes you paid which weakened Individuals spending power and made them more Dependent on the F.I.R.E. economy and Debt. More Government programs, more Government restrictions and regulations, more Government borrowing from Central Banks, increase of Government taxes, and more Government debt also increased during the F.I.R.E. economy era.

12.) Non-profit Government Organizations means that they are only Self Sustainable due to the Victimization Theory that they use and apply in every situation in order to accrue their revenue from Tax Dollars. Non-profit Government Organizations which are in the Public Service Sector and are only sustained through Tax Dollars must find a problem/problems in order to sustain themselves.  This even means many of these Non-profit Government Organization have to create the problem or issue in order to sustain themselves (which is where terms like the "prison industrial complex", "social service industrial complex", "military industrial complex", "human right industrial complex", etc. are created).  Without the problem, there is no need for the funding to go to these Non-Profit Organizations and therefore Government loses a Tax Base and has to eliminate the Tax.  Many of these Non-profit Government Organizations cannot be sustained through Charity and Volunteer Work alone so it is tantamount for them to garner Government Subsidizes and Government Tax Dollars.  This is also why the Mainstream Media, Government, and Institutions work together to create issues, topics, and problems that will allow for these Non-Profit Government Organizations to sustain themselves and therefore allow the Government to keep the Taxes in place.

13.) The only thing keeping Corporations alive in the Stock Market is "Buy Backs" which means the Corporation is borrowing money from the Banks in order to make their stock seem valuable and profitable.  However, over time this is an Unsustainable strategy and Job Layoffs and Reductions will be the only option before Automation is fully utilized.  Presently, "Corporate Bankruptcies" are leading to "Corporate Mergers" which are forming "Corporate Monopolies".  "Corporate Monopolies" will then be T.B.T.F. ("Too Big Too Fail") and therefore ask for "Bail Outs" from Governments which means more Taxes on Citizens.  This is what happens when Central Banks use the State to Restrict and Regulate the Market and prevent it from being a "Free Market".  T.B.T.F is what happens when "Crony Capitalism" exists.  Add in the fact that you have a "Socialist Government" that implements a "Progressive Tax system" and you have a recipe for absolute disaster.  This is why people are living in Debt, living "check-by-check" presently with no "Savings" and just waiting for their Retirement in order to cash in their Government Pensions (which have dwindled to nothing due to Government debt) and hence why Governments are pushing for R.R.S.P's (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) instead so that they do not have to pay out to Pensioners.

14.) "Revolution" and "Social Justice" are overused words.  You cannot have neither without understanding those words first.  Otherwise, you play into the "Hegelian Dialect" that the State, the Entertainment Sector, Institutions, Organizations, and Mainstream Media want you to believe in.  In order to have "Social Justice" and "Revolution" you must destroy the system that prevents it from occurring and thus you must destroy the Central Banking System in place.  You must Nationalize the Banks, eliminate "Fiat Currency" from your society, and allow for actual growth in your economy (not debt growth).  You must eliminate Government regulations and Government restrictions in order to allow for the Free Market to eliminate Unionism and reduce Government size.  By reducing Government size, you reduce Government taxes imposed on citizens.  When Government is decentralized and shrunk, people will not be dependent on the Government or it's Government programs and therefore will not need the Banks or Governments to hold their money or give them tax breaks.  This will allow a "free flow" of money and re-create "Savers" (which is what we historically had before the F.I.R.E. economy was created).  This means that society as a collective will no longer be dependent on "Borrowers" or the Corporate and Institutional idea of "Progress" to move society along. Society becomes less stratified as it is presently and less forced.  Only through understanding will you avoid confrontation.  Without understanding you have "Entitlement" and with "Entitlement" you have Confrontation and Conflict. Conflict and Confrontation is what the Central Bankers, the State, the Entertainment Sector, Institutions, Organizations, and Mainstream Media want you to have. 

15.) the "Third World" did not appear out of nowhere.  It occurred systematically through the Cold War era and by the propping up of Military Dictatorships.  "Austerity Measures", a weakened economy, Technocrats, hungry masses with herd like mentality, and an ideological political base will be enough to push the "First World" where the "Third World" is presently.  Our 2000's will be similar to their 1970's and 1980's.  Just like present day Greece incurred "Odious Debt" through "bought and sold" Politicians, our own Politicians are doing the same presently by working with the F.I.R.E. economy, by not Nationalizing our Banks, and by not "depegging" off of the "PetroDollar system" and the "Fiat Empire".  One market shock will cause this "Bubble" economy and F.I.R.E. economy to tumble.  Once the "Fiat Empire" crumbles and a "Cashless Economy" is put in in it's place, the State will control your bank account and therefore everything that you choose to do or say. An economically stratified society, with a Police/Military Surveillance State in place, living in a "Cashless society" is how the "Third World" comes to the "First World" full of "Show Trials", Phantom enemies, Media induced Public Juries, and Fear and Uncertainty running rampant in society.



This highlights the fact that: (A) there were Blacks that owned Blacks slaves in America, (B) there were Blacks in Africa involved in capturing Africans and sending them to Westerners who then sent them to Western lands, (C) the Arab slave trade pre-dated the Western slave trade, (D) African Empires such as the Dahomey Empire flourished and grew through the slave trade.  The present issue of "Whites VS Blacks" AND "South VS North" is a divisive argument in society that is causing tensions, confrontations, and a possible "Race War" to erupt all over America.
Nicolas Augustin Metoyer of Louisiana owned 13 slaves in 1830. He and his 12 family members collectively owned 215 slaves.

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