Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Economic Hitmen, Predatory Loans, Vulture Capitalism, Unionism, & Crony Capitalism

Do not let Distractions blind you from Reality. Reality is all that you have! Distractions are costly and unhealthy, Reality is what you live inside and pass on to Future Generations.  The present "F.I.R.E. (Finances, Investment, and Real Estate) Economy" is unhealthy and has started to fray globally.  Prepare your mind and soul for all things that will unfold in days to come as the "Race to the Bottom" and the "Currency War" heats up.

       When you understand how the actual economic system works, you will understand that it is not Capitalism.  In fact, the "Capitalism VS. Communism", "Liberalism VS. Conservatism", "Socialism VS. Privatization" -Hegelian Dialectics in play will be seen for what they are -divisive ideologies and disruptive elements in society that blur the actual economic reality that exists.  The more ignorant and unaware you are of this economic system, the harder it will be to find solutions for it. Crony Capitalism, Unionism, Vulture Capitalism, Predatory Loans, Economic Hitmen, and Ponzi Schemes protects the State and Central Banks and allows it to grow gradually into every aspect of society while weakening and dissolving Entrepreneurship, Free Markets, and actual Capitalism.






          what Public Service Sector Unions and Public Service Sector Union supporters do not understand (or do not want to see) is the fact that they also play into "Crony Capitalism".  The State does not make money.  The State only makes money through: (a) User Fees & Fines, (b) Borrowing from Banks, and (c) Raising Taxes.  Any "government surplus" is used to pay back Government Debt that they cannot pay back (because of increasing interest on the Debt) which means we are trapped in a "Vicious Cycle of Devaluation" that will implode over time (ex: Greece).  So when Public Service Sector Unions go on strike they are forcing the Government to borrow from Central Banks which will put the Country more in Debt than we already are which means Future Taxes, Future Selloffs, and Future Privatization.  However, "Future Selloffs" and "Future Privatization" is only profitable if investors invest in Government Bonds because if no one invests in Governments Bonds or sees Government Bonds as "Junk" or "Toxic" -then the Government will not be able to pay their Public Service Sector Workers and will have to loot the Public Pension funds and cut Essential Public Services.  Also, Investors will then be able to pay half, less than half, or next to nothing on "Future Selloffs" and "Future Privatization" measures enacted by the Government in order to accrue revenue for the Government to pay the Public Service Sector Workers.  No investors in Government Bonds means that the Government is broke and will be forced to push through "Austerity Measures" which completely dissolves the Public Service Sector services and forces the raising of Taxes on all of society which will cause life to be Unaffordable for most citizens and Small Businesses therefore forcing them to migrate to other countries. 
       Another problem for Public Service Sector Unions is that they are always competing against one another.  Which means Public Service Sector Unions will compete with other Public Service Sector Unions for limited Government funds therefore creating shortfalls and causing budget cuts in other Government services.  So a win for Public Service Sector Unions means a loss for: (a) present and future Taxpayers, (b) losses for other Public Service Sector Unions, (c) a Rise in User Fees and Government Fines, and (d) forcing the Government to borrow from Banks creating further Government Debt.


      What the "Left" and "Right" Hegelian Dialectic does is prevent you from seeing that it is the Central Banking system growing in Influence through the use of the State and Centralization.  That upcoming "Free Trade Deals" such as T.P.P, T.I.S.A, T.T.I.P, and T.A.F.T.A will give unlimited power to Corporations who are indebted to Central Banks who will now rule over every aspect of your life.  There is no difference between Fascism, Communism, or Capitalism especially when they are controlled by Central Banks and Central Bankers.  Without Decentralizing the State and limiting it's power to Tax and Regulate, Without Nationalizing Banks and allowing for Countries to "Depeg" from the "PetroDollar" and trade in its National currency backed by its own Natural Resources, and Without allowing for a Free Market to exist -Central Bankers and the Central Banking system will rule over your life creating the Cannibalistic world and society you see existing in front of you today.  Realize it only gets more Cannibalistic as jobs become scarcer and the economy gets weaker.  Without allowing for the "Free Market" to exist, Society will not be able to push back growing Government and Corporate power which are becoming a Monopolist force in society presently and hence full circle since this is exactly what T.P.P, T.I.S.A, T.T.I.P, and T.A.F.T.A are all about. Hope you see the complete picture now and realize what the Central Bankers are actually doing.  "There is a method to their madness" it is not just random but an Agenda coming to fruition.

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