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Food For Thought: Sheltered Realities for the Sheltered masses (part 7)

Those who deserve high marks should not be grouped in with people who deserve low marks and who deserve to fail due to a "Bell Curve"/Marking Curve implemented.  Society as a whole does not gain anything by pumping out Incompetent, Unqualified, Untrained, and Under-skilled people with degrees.  Doing that only creates Saturation in an already weak and fragile job market and Devalues the worth of a degree in society.  It also leads to over-competition of jobs with people that should not be competing at all in society for those jobs because they are not competent enough for those jobs in the first place.  Being "over sensitive" and not allowing individuals to fail in school due to the "bell curve" creates a situation that over time, allows for society as a whole to fail.  You cannot force equality!  Not everyone is created equal.  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  The "Equality Myth" which is attached to "Forced Redistribution" and "Forced Acceptance" (and pushed forth after Marxism was created in the 1800's) needs to stop.  Socialism, Marxism, and Liberalism has not helped society but has allowed for "Crony Capitalism" and "Monopoly Capitalism" to develop and entrench itself into society with the hard working and gifted being pulled down by their Inferiors not by their Peers and Equals.  The use of the "Bell Curve"/Marking Curve inside Institutions does not create Equality or Fairness but instead it creates "False equality" and a "False sense of success".  The "Bell Curve"/Marking Curve is something that needs to stop but can only be eviscerated when Institutes admit they use it for personal discretionary reasons given to Authority Figures which enables them to fill out Numerical Quotas asked for by the Administration and Board of Directors as well as filling out Statistical Formalities asked for by the Government which the Institution then use opportunistically in order to attract Future Students which will allow them to fill up their Coffers. Using the "Bell Curve"/Marking Curve reveals that Academics, Professionals, and "Experts" inside the Educational System are nothing more than "Sophists" (paid experts) who are willing to "sell out" in order to "fit in" and in doing so, lumps everyone together making all people "equal" even though they are not.

1.) "Someone may abuse you once but you may take that abuse and abuse yourself a 100 times over with that memory. That makes you worst than the abuser. You have damaged yourself far more than the person that abused you".

2.)  "A government that does too many things, can't possibly do them all well".

3.) Police Officially Refuse To Hire Applicants With High IQ Scores - It’s long been rumored among law enforcement critics, but did you know that police departments officially disqualify high-scoring applicants? That’s not to say that all cops are stupid. Just that if you’re too smart, the police simply won’t hire you. So next time you cross paths with a cop and wonder how someone so stupid could get hired by their department, you now know that their stupidity might be the very thing that qualified them for the job.

4.) "Apart from the fact that it was FDR who set Asia ablaze in the first place by encouraging China to continue fighting Japan, and apart from the fact that FDR provoked and had foreknowledge of the justifiable Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Naval Base, and apart from the fact that Japan in 1945 had been trying for months to negotiate an honorable surrender - the argument (rationalization) for dropping not one, but two A-bombs in order to "save lives" is also morally invalid and extremely offensive, on its own"

(a) Government to make Gun Owners take Psychological evaluations 
(b) Can’t Manage Your Finances? Obama Will Take Your Guns  
(c) Obama also plans to force you to Buy "Liability Insurance" for Gun Owners

6.) "We have regularly played.a determining role in making and in unmaking governments, and we have defined what we have considered to be the acceptable behavior of governments". Right--wing governments will have to be given steady outside support, even, if necessary, by sending in American forces." 

7.) In order to weaken the USD, “China will eventually partially back its currency with gold (fractional gold standard).

8.) One direct result of Rising healthcare expenditures is Recession.

9.) "Inflation is an elementary evil, always and everywhere that it occurs".

10.) "One of every three black men in America today is in prison, in jail, on probation or on parole."

11.) "One way or another, most of us are beggars and feel-good junkies, addicted to the world to make us happy. They are but beggars that can't count their own worth." 

12.) Add another military exercise to the broader Jade Helm operation be held this summer.
A massive simulated dirty bomb attack exercise is set to take place at the end of June in Grand Rapids, Michigan. "Operation Northern Exposure" will include over 1,000 Michigan National Guard troops and will be the first time in history that local authorities have worked with the National Guard.

13.) no War(s) would allow people to grow old in society which is economically Unsustainable and therefore would bring down the economy and government.  This is because there is not enough money in the Pension Funds since it's already been spent

14.)  'Responsibility' means 'Responding'.  If you say, you are NOT 'Responsible' then you are NOT 'Responding' to anything. You are just floating, which means no growth, and no way to change.

15.) "Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear".

16.)  S.I.T.E. (Search for International Terrorist Entities) was founded and run by Rita Katz, an Iraqi born Israeli operative and veteran of the I.D.F. (Israeli Defense Force).  Rita Katz and S.I.T.E is releasing I.S.I.S.'s beheading videos to the media.

17.) As you can see, there are now plenty of excuses to put boots on the ground first in Iraq, and then in Syria. Put simply: if there was ever an opportune time to play the I.S.I.S card on the way to ousting Assad and securing a route for Qatari natural gas to flow to Europe thus breaking Gazprom (and Putin’s) stranglehold, this is surely it. 

18.) "I mean consumers really aren’t spending – by keeping interest rates this low you are creating bubbles that you don’t even know about.

19.) "To think that Americans pride themselves on their knowledge of the sport of football- offense and defense notwithstanding- you would certainly think that they would know the difference between 'national security' and naked aggression." 

20.) "They are calling it a "delay" so that the credit-default swaps do not activate!"

21.) "As goes the Credit Market, so goes the World"

22.) "Private Profits, Public Payments" 

23.) "To find out of you are being fed a lie by politicians, experts, and the media -look for what should be there and isn't!"

24.) "Gold Swing" and "Silver Swing" being used by Gold and Silver enthusiasts presently. For those that want to understand this phenomenal, picture a Swing Set at a park. "Swing" meaning what goes up must come back eventually (depending on how high you have been pushed on the swing, it will just take longer, but eventually you will return to where you started and then head backwards). It is natural momentum in progress. Be careful if you plan to invest all your resources in Gold or Silver.

25.) the Fed Destroyed the Economy – meaning that Quantitative Easing 4 (QE4) is guaranteed. “We had a record dose of this monetary heroin, and we barely had a party.  Wall Street partied, but the middle class was left out.”

26.) Everyone you hold up is a "False Idol"!  That includes John the Baptist, Nostradamus, Benjamin Franklin, the Freemasons, Politicians, Musicians, Athletes, the "Founding Fathers", Spiritual teachers, etc.  Stop looking upon "False Idols" and Myths and drawing that energy into yourself and into your aura.

27.) "Get used to Selloffs, Central Bankers say as they fret about the terrifying moment when Liquidity Evaporates"

28.) “Something must be Horribly Wrong for them to be this Blatant”

29.) Commissioners wants to charge Gang Members as "Domestic Terrorists".  Gangs being labelled as terrorists opens the door for people to be lawfully arrested for meeting in public.  This means more than 3 people meeting in public can be considered a "gang" and therefore those people can lawfully be arrested.

30.) Low Home Ownership means it’s a great time to be a Landlord

31.) Blackwater trained some of the World’s top Terrorists (similar to the School of Americas training Terrorists, Death Squads, Paramilitaries, and Killers during the Cold War).


33.) QE Breeds Instability and Volatility, not Stability

34.) CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to resume smashing particles in Hunt for "Dark Matter"

35.) Egg Shortage in America as Bird Flu has already Killed 45 MILLION Chickens and Turkeys

36.) Police Officers patrolling on the streets look at you as a "Suspect"; Correctional Officers in Prisons look at you as a "Animal"; Security Guards in Institutions (ex: Psych Wards) look at you as a "Child". All 3 functional roles, gives you very little to say, and you have very little rights unless something unexplainable happens and it's caught on camera. Otherwise, you are stuck on your own and it is your word against their word and Courts will take their word since society is based on Hierarchical power meaning they have a higher rank than you do in society and therefore when it is Systemic and Structural, Government Workers all work together to keep the system working the way it does regardless of the errors inside the system presently.

37.) "We do not have property rights. Property rights where not included in the Charter. We have a common law tradition of property privileges with no protection against expropriation from the state".

38.) "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". Don't stop learning once you are out of school.  In school, you are only taught an "Institutional narrative approved by the State" which is needed for you to believe in, in order to believe the myths the Elites create for you to believe in and in order for you to take your place in society and fit in.

39.) "Laws only apply to the little people".  This is the problem that occurs when politicians, who are exempt from the law, run government (and police exempt from abiding by the law enforce laws created by politicians above the law).  They are both protecting themselves from you, the little person.

40.) Some minimum wage protesters will lose their health care benefits if they receive $15.00 an hour. Some will even lose their jobs to automation. Is the minimum wage really lifting people out of poverty? Probably not. (And once the TPP and TISA deals are signed, there is no turning back and nothing people can do about it).
41.) NSA SPYING EXPANDED, & DWARFS THE KGB, OR STASI. US DEVOLVED INTO DICTATORSHIP. Both corporations and Government work hand in hand just like TISA and TIPP want them to in order to extract info about people. We already live in pre-TISA and pre-TIPP eras.

42.) If killing was a sin, then fish, animals, mammals, and birds would be in Hell for killing in order to survive and stay alive. The Elites know this and have no problem waging war and killing people.

43.) Putin has just paid "lip service" to Iran, Syria, and Libya.  Putin has not helped Qaddafi, Assad, or Iran.  Putin just watched as Rebels poured in and Americans set up N.F.Z. ("No Fly Zones").  This is because the Hegelian Dialectic is in play and Putin does not have as much control as he is believed to have.

44.) “The Ferguson Effect”, whereby law enforcement are now more reluctant to use force to counter illegal activity for fear of prosecution or, more poignantly, for fear of finding themselves cast as the villain that catalyzes widespread civil unrest.

45.) Agro-Colonialism & Monsanto

46.) Why would God punish Jesus for other's sins? Why would God punish your children for your great grandfather's sins? Why would God need to punish anyone? If God punishes you for someone else's sin then it proves you are not an Individual nor will be judged as an Individual.  There are a lot of factors in play when a choice is made, you cannot pay for another person's sin.  They themselves (who is committing the sin) must repent and learn from their sin/mistake not someone else.

47.) Europe has 5,000 companies that don’t make or sell anything. They’re fake firms used to keep long-term unemployed folks busy, and to train them, while they hunt for a real job. "Candelia is one of a number of so-called “Potemkin” companies operating in France. Everything about these entities is imaginary from the customers, to the supply chain, to the banks, to the “wages” employees receive and while the idea used to be that the creation of a “parallel economic universe” would help to train the jobless and prepare them for real employment sometime in the future, these “occupations” are now serving simply as way for the out-of-work to suspend reality for eight hours a day....At 9:30 a.m. on a sunny weekday, the phones at Candelia, a purveyor of sleek office furniture in Lille, France, rang steadily with orders from customers across the country and from Switzerland and Germany. A photocopier clacked rhythmically while more than a dozen workers processed sales, dealt with suppliers and arranged for desks and chairs to be shipped. Sabine de Buyzer, working in the accounting department, leaned into her computer and scanned a row of numbers. Candelia was doing well. Its revenue that week was outpacing expenses, even counting taxes and salaries. “We have to be profitable,” Ms. de Buyzer said. “Everyone’s working all out to make sure we succeed.” This was a sentiment any boss would like to hear, but in this case the entire business is fake. So are Candelia’s customers and suppliers, from the companies ordering the furniture to the trucking operators that make deliveries. Even the bank where Candelia gets its loans is not real. Candelia is one of a number of so-called “Potemkin” companies operating in France. Everything about these entities is imaginary from the customers, to the supply chain, to the banks, to the “wages” employees receive and while the idea used to be that the creation of a “parallel economic universe” would help to train the jobless and prepare them for real employment sometime in the future, these “occupations” are now serving simply as way for the out-of-work to suspend reality for eight hours a day. Here’s The Times again: These companies are all part of an elaborate training network that effectively operates as a parallel economic universe. For years, the aim was to train students and unemployed workers looking to make a transition to different industries. Now they are being used to combat the alarming rise in long-term unemployment, one of the most pressing problems to emerge from Europe’s long economic crisis. Ms. de Buyzer did not care that Candelia was a phantom operation. She lost her job as a secretary two years ago and has been unable to find steady work. Since January, though, she had woken up early every weekday, put on makeup and gotten ready to go the office. By 9 a.m. she arrives at the small office in a low-income neighborhood of Lille, where joblessness is among the highest in the country. While she doesn’t earn a paycheck, Ms. de Buyzer, 41, welcomes the regular routine. She hopes Candelia will lead to a real job, after countless searches and interviews that have gone nowhere.  Yet long-term unemployment — the kind that Ms. de Buyzer and nearly 10 million others in the eurozone are experiencing — has become a defining reality. Last year, a staggering 52.6 percent of unemployed people in the eurozone were without work for a year or more, the highest on record, according to Eurostat, and many of those have been jobless more than two years.  “If you have a significant part of the population that’s not integrated, they won’t increase their spending, which dampens a possible recovery,” said Paul de Grauwe, a professor of European political economy at the London School of Economics. When a large number of people go jobless for long stretches, “you also subdue optimism, which will weigh on an economic turnaround"..."It’s worrisome because we’re talking about many people who have been out of work for a very long time,” said Stefano Scarpetta, the director of employment, labor and social affairs at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. “Their skills can become obsolete. They get stigmatized. They risk being disconnected from the workplace and society, with negative implications for them, their families and the economy.” Of course, in today's global economy, it's difficult to propser even if you're a make-believe company which is why it shouldn't surprise you to learn that "Animal Kingdom", a fake pet store, is on the verge of fake bankruptcy: She looked at a stack of invoices, including some orders from virtual companies that had not been paid. “If this keeps up we’ll go out of business,” Mrs. Banuelos said, handing the papers to two women with instructions to follow up. “What’s our strategy to improve profitability?” she asked the group. But never fear Potemkin companies, because you are not alone. There are other entities out there who are going bankrupt on paper while making things up as they go along in a "parallel" universe — those entities are called "central banks."

48.) "The simple fact is that if ordinary people behaved like unions, we'd be convicted of extortion. Imagine if a group of ordinary people barricaded a school, or took over and shut down garbage collection for a major city during a summer heat wave, or brought all public transit in the northern GTA to a screeching halt (as in the York Region Transit strike a couple of years ago). Now imagine those people issued a list of demands, and stated that nobody would be able to make any use of the services they'd seized until those demands were met. Would we call this a "negotiating tactic," or "bargaining"? Of course not, we'd call it a criminal act; at least one news network would be calling the people involved terrorists.  It's like how in some countries, a woman has no right to tell her husband "no" when he wants to have sex with her. The crime is different (extortion in one case, rape in the other) but the end result is the same: an arbitrarily-defined group has free reign to commit that crime, and nobody has any power to stop them or even make them face the consequences of their actions. It's disgusting".

49.) HSBC has laundered billions for Sinaloa drug cartels.

50.) Who pays taxes in the US? Everyone but the Super-Rich and the non-working Poor

51.) Destroying farm land in order to make Condos , Commercials property, and Houses will make us an Export nation dependent on other people to feed us like Yemen therefore making us Dependent on the Government to feed us and give us access to food. This only creates Big Government and Centralizes more power to the Government.

52.) Countries will never have enough money for their people because they are continually buying weapons from others that they cannot pay for from already created annual government budgets. Hence, they have to buy weapons to be in the "club" and they do this by spending tax dollars they do not have.  Governments are faced with the choice of not buying weapons which means they are not "in" and therefore are with "them".

53.) What's the "End game" and "Exit strategy" after Urbanization? No where else to go but the pre-planned Agenda 21.

54.) Turkey is helping ISIS because they think they will get a part of Syria or all of Syria. All 3 countries (Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey) are helping the Western plans of eliminating Assad because all 3 nations have been promised land in Syria 

55.) CNN admits that from now on, CNN will produce ‘News-Like Content on Behalf of Advertisers’

56.) the "Medical-industrial complex" is self-serving and opportunistic

57.) "An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry."

58.) “JADE” is an A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets in a Global Information Grid for Network Centric Warfare environments. The JADE II battle field system is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The II generation of JADE has the capability for two way communication with drones throuh the OCCOM technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system. In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM. Please get this information out, share, re-post. It would seem the Jade Helm 15 exercise is actually a system roll out and more diabolical than we originally imagined.

59.)  "The pre-war British establishment was Illuminati and Communist to the core. They put Hitler into power in Germany and then maneuvered him into a war that would destroy Germany as an independent country once and for all".  This is what the Illuminati does with everyone.

60.) "Elected by the Media".  Do not let the media think for you! If you believe in Democracy do your own homework and research before you vote. Don't get pulled into the hype or a catchy slogan. 

61.) "Those who hold the purse strings want you to kill yourself and/or others, they provide the weapons, divisive agitation, and shortages through manipulation of self ownership. Once the rules don't allow personal wealth, only the bankers and the political elite will choose what you deserve".

62.) If God had to visit 7 times to find someone, wouldn't the fact he was looking 6 times earlier and failed, show you that he couldn't get it right the first time? (and that he's more human than all knowing?) The only reason this narrative is still used in society is because it is a "divide and conquer" tactic used by Abrahamic religions. The Abrahamic mentality is that, "God spoke to us and got it right, so we have what will help you so believe in it and use it against those that didn't believe in it because they are going against God's wishes".

63.) The Age Of Disinformation: “Media out of control when it comes to weather” — “Idiotic claims on daily basis”

64.) We have "Bankrupted language" and made it nonsensical and illogical presently (ex: Political Correctness)

65.) "To Hell With War! The public was told to send their best into harm’s way in a “war to end all wars”; but instead, they were deceived, costing countless lives and destruction, while giving greater control over society to the money lenders"

66.) "We are not happier than generations in the past, we are in more comfort than in the past but not more happier than generations before us"

67.) Bubble After Bubble, They All End the Same! How else can they end? (ex: just imagine bubble gum or a balloon, it either pops or deflates over time.  It can never stay in it's "peak" inflated shape)

68.) "As the National Coalition of Homeless points out, Criminalization of the homeless refers to laws that prohibit life sustaining activities “sleeping/camping, eating, sitting, and/or asking for money/resources in public spaces” and include criminal penalties if someone violates the ordinances". Fines for feeding the homeless can be set at $400.

69.) "Obama has attended 435 fundraisers, or 1 every 5 days of his tenure".

70.) "UNIONS TO INCREASE THEIR DUES AS BUSINESSES SHUT DOWN".  Proving yet again, that Unions are another type of Institute that will do everything it can to survive even if it becomes cannibalistic in the process and eats away at it's members.

71.) Everybody wants to either "Redefine" Society, "Reform" Society, or "Revolutionize" Society.  All have failed! Why would it be any different now?

72.) Weak economy and Weak Stock Markets are bad for Government, Stocks, and Pensioners.

73.) Obama admin asserts dominion over creeks, streams, wetlands, ditches (even big puddles). This again is Agenda 21 in play.

74.) Why do geniuses believe in Utopia? It has never been achieved before! Politicians selling it makes sense, but Geniuses believing in Utopia reveals they are not that intelligent. The only intelligent part about it is that Geniuses are making money from selling Utopia and therefore are peddling it to the masses (ex: Technocrats)

75.) Unlike 1929, this time everything - Stocks, Bonds And Housing - Is Overvalued

76.) "Central banks took over everything and thus changed everything; they cannot simply declare themselves successful and just give it all back".

77.) "Hell is empty and all the devils are here" (Complicity makes sure that the system created by the "Devils" is what is in place and what reigns supreme!).  "You cannot serve two masters, give Cesar what is Cesar's and give God what is God's (and you all have the God particle inside you)".

78.) "Anyone who gets to the top of politics got to the bottom of humanity"

79.) "More Heroin Addicts Are Created By Doctors Than Drug Dealers"

80.) "Pre- Traumatic Stress Syndrome" P.T.S.S (generally referred to as "prepper anxiety") will be used by Psychiatrists to medicalize, institutionalize, and vilify those who do not agree with the government.  

81.) a Rise in Cancer expected and reported in the Mainstream media in the next few years.  However, no mention of the Fukshima spill and nuclear radiation reaching beach shores and food imports.

82.) Scottish Lawmaker: "Government Should Seize Private Property For 'Social Justice' " (again Agenda 21 in play)

83.) "Technocracy Rising" explains about the hidden history of technocracy, the dark plan for a resource-based economy that is being pushed by the Trilateral Commission, the UN, and other globalist institutions in order to bring about a completely managed, controlled, and regulated society. It explains 24/7 surveillance, Smart grid controls, and Carbon rationing, as well as Agenda 21.

84.) “…the next Spanish flu-like epidemic could kill 33 million humans in 250 days”

85.) "To avoid getting hassled by the state, don’t act nervous, but don’t act too calm either. Don’t stare straight ahead unless you’re on the telephone, in which case don’t look around. And disembark right amidst all the other passengers with lots of luggage".

86.) "Abuse of Power" VS "Over Abuse of Power" (usually "Over Abuse of Power" gets you in trouble, "Abuse of Power" doesn't). "Over Abuse of Power" is when you become a liability and a risk to the Institute or Organization and there is very little the Institute or Organization can do to save you because of how much evidence there is against you (ex: Police caught on Camera and Footage goes Viral).

87.) Why is an Arabic group using an English language / Roman lettered acronym?
88.) "The fundamental lie of the Kabbalah is that reality is a function of thought. On the contrary, while Kabbalistic thinking... i.e. their 'black magic' can manipulate our perception of reality, it cannot alter reality itself"

89.) a "Mixed economy" is "Crony capitalism" and "Monopoly Capitalism" at work.

90.) “If You’re Reacting In Fear, You’re Still Enslaved By The System

91.) "Global Warming Is The New Civil Rights Movement"

92.) Hospitals continue to invoke a controversial health secrecy law when they investigate critical medical errors. A sweeping health secrecy act called the "Quality of Care Information Protection Act". Some GTA hospitals are still invoking the law every time a critical care incident occurs. Families who have been denied information about the death of a loved one under QCIPA are now urging the government to ban all hospitals from using it until improvements are made. The law was enacted in 2004 to allow health workers to speak freely about medical errors in a closed-door environment, in hopes of preventing future incidents. But, it also grants hospitals the power to keep the results of these investigations secret from the public and grieving families. 

93.) "Anyone that seeks power in Politics, should be barred from it" (same with anyone seeking Power through Authority, Affluence, or Position). Anyone seeking power is the person that should not get that position or job.

94.) ‘Murder is an ancient feature of humanity’

95.) "In India, in about the sixth century B.C., came silver coins – real cash. You didn’t need to know the person you were trading with. You didn’t know his family. Or his motives. Or his balance sheet. And you didn’t have to keep track of who owed what to whom. You could just settle up – in specie. This made modern commerce and industry possible. This new wealth also provided people with a new kind of liberty. They could travel – and pay for food and lodging with this new money. They could invest and use this new, private wealth to create even more wealth. They could even raise armies, build fortifications, and challenge the power of the ruling elites"

96.) "It's so pathetic how little excellence is demanded from those who represent the masses, and how much less actual accountability they are held to"

97.) "The Iroquois Confederacy had a centuries-old constitution that was more democratic and egalitarian than the system of government under which Cartier lived"

98.)  "When in a hole, stop digging. But when in a bubble, keep blowing" -Illogical is it not? Then why are we doing it presently? Why is everybody believing this bubble will last forever?

99.) The Two Faces of Medical Tyranny: Mandates & Prohibitions -The same medical cabal that is pushing to mandate vaccines without informed consent is also moving to prohibit alternative medication.

100.)  "Only 500,000 Jews, not six million died in Nazi camps, and these mostly from disease"

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