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Canada's Historically Planned and Implemented Political Agenda (1974-2015+)

Stuart Levings, CEO of Canada’s largest mortgage insurer, Genworth MI Canada, told Bloomberg in an interview: "We look at the housing market like a food chain. The first-time homebuyers are really the plankton. And if you don’t have plankton in the ocean, you’re going to eventually starve out even the big whales and the sharks. You need that first time homebuyer to buy that home so the next person can move out to buy their own home. And there was plenty of this plankton, namely millennials and about 250,000 immigrants per year who’re buying their first property, he said. There is strong demand in this country and there will always be, Why? Simply because of our immigration policy. We bring in first-time buyer pipelines through our immigration policy. They are great future first-time homebuyers that become plankton. Besides, low interest rates keep the plankton alive, he said".  IN OTHER WORDS, "CRONY CAPITALISM" IS SETTING YOU UP TO FAIL FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES AND GAINS!! (but more on that below when we get into Central Banks and Canada).

Money from Hong Kong is flooding into Canadian markets (due mainly to Hong Kong's own excessive inflated housing prices).  Money flooding in from Hong Kong, along with rampant speculation, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, in turn is driving property prices up in Canada.  Factoring in that majority of homer buyers after 2008 are Immigrants and "First Time Home Buyers" (due to low interest rates -which is the only thing keeping the economy from having a "Credit Crunch" and therefore crashing the economy  -is a serious problem here in Canada). Keep scrolling down and I will explain to you why the Government and CMHC are unworried by this trend.

  "CMHC's (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) insurance is fully backed by the Federal Government (which means that the CMHC has no problem when Canada's housing market officially crashes because it is insured by YOUR tax dollars even if you did not purchase the house). By law, Canadian mortgages that have less than a 20% down payment must be insured by the Government of Canada". And this is where I mentioned above that Pierre Trudeau comes into play. "The Bank of Canada was established as a private bank in 1935 under private ownership but in 1938, recognizing that money should be created in the public interest, the government amended the Bank Act and turned the Bank into a public institution. The Bank was almost immediately harnessed to finance not only Canada's war effort (we ranked fourth in production of allied war materiel) but a long list of infrastructure projects including the Trans-Canada highway, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and over the decades, hospitals and universities across the country. It was mandated to lend not only to the federal government, but to provinces and municipalities as well with a limit of one-third of federal budget and one-quarter of a province's. It also created a subsidiary, the Industrial Development Bank, helping create the industrial base that recent Liberal and Conservative governments have all but destroyed through trade and investment agreements. The list goes on and on -- and includes social programs like the Old Age Security Act and programs to assist Second World War veterans with vocational training and subsidized farmland. The interest on its loans, of course, simply went back into government coffers".  However, in 1974, under Pierre Trudeau and the Liberals, the Bank of Canada joined what is called the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which essentially is the central bank of central banks and ever since then the government stopped borrowing interest free loans from the Bank of Canada and started borrowing heavy interest bearing loans from major corporate banks.  This launched the country on a deficit accumulation path that in 2012 saw interest payments to private lenders top $1 trillion.  "It is important to understand where this money which is lent to the government comes from. Most people would be shocked to hear that 97% of all money is created literally out of nothing by corporate banks. Every new loan whether it be a business loan, a loan to a government, or a mortgage (which in French translates to death gamble) they are creating new money, they are not lending out depositors funds. So, in essence you have a system where the government abdicated its authority to issue the nation’s currency over to private corporations who then, create money out of nothing, then lend it back to us and force us to pay interest on it. So the next time you hear politicians proclaiming that they have the skills to “balance the budget”, please recognize that even if they were able to balance the budget, it would not have any effect on the outstanding national or provincial or municipal debt which is continually growing larger and larger because of the accumulation of interest that continues to compound on the already massive outstanding debt".
It has NOW come full circle, with Justin Trudeau capitalizing on his father's direction for Canada and since he is trained by Larry Summers (who worked on Obama's election campaign in 2008, look for Justin Trudeau to sell "Hope" and "Change" and "a new direction from old policies" to Canadians (even though Justin Trudeau's Liberals supported Harper's Bill C-51).  It was Pierre Trudeau that introduced and forced "Multiculturalism" and "Socialist" policies into the Canadian Constitution which also opened up Canada's present day Immigration system and created the "Immigration Point System" which is what has allowed the country to bring in so many immigrants into the country therefore allowing for an Underclass of workers to be created and for the Housing Market to boom and bubble.  "Socialist policies" of propping up "Multicultural Development and Multicultural Programs" in urban cities have also drained Canadian pensions funds.  In fact, "because it's been neglected for the past nine years, the CPP is labouring under one major limitation. The maximum regular benefit a contributor can receive is just over $12,000 per year. The average is just more than half that. Those amounts are far from sufficient to ensure retirees can maintain their quality of life, without other significant savings".  Again, because Canada is under the BIS (Bank of International Settlements and mandate [which also means they are under the control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB)] they will force "Austerity Measures" through the use of "Bail Ins", "Bail Outs", and "Capital Controls", as the Global Elites push forward into a "Cashless Society" and a "Cashless Economy" (which also means eliminating many Underground and Black Market jobs that people, mostly men, are doing presently in order to survive in this current job market). The coming "Cashless Society" will give you very little control over the money your earn because all of it will be used to prop up Institutions and the Government.

     This is where "Agenda 21"  and the "Global Warming Agenda" come into play as well (as well as "Crony Capitalism", "Monopoly Capitalism", "Statism",  and enacting T.P.P, and T.I.S.A.).  It enables Corporations and the Government through the use of the "Cashless Society" and "Cashless Economy" just to withdraw cash from your bank accounts to where they need it to go.

      All the heavy investment on Infrastructure recently by all levels of the Canadian governments has to do with T.I.S.A. and T.P.P. as well as "Agenda 21".

      The "new" Sex curriculum is not new at all, it's part of their long standing agenda by the Elites:
(check out rules 17 and 26 and they are not numerically 17 and 26 by accident or coincidence either. For my long standing readers, you will understand it is the number 8, the number of Saturn


      Canada has all the Resources it needs to back their National Currency with something tangible instead of using "Fiat Currency" ruled over by Central Bankers. If none of the Political Parties support the Comer Suit which is trying to De-Centralize from the Central Banking System in place, ensure that you do not vote for these parties.  Instead, support the Comer Suit so that we can stop this future from happening.  There is very little time and much less now because the 3 main political parties have geared us to go to war with Russia, China, and war in the Middle East.  All 3 parties have put us on the "hook" for the controlled upcoming market crash.  All 3 parties have supported Statism while attacking the Free Market, Small Business owners, and Entrepreneurs.  It is time to think differently, talk differently, and vote differently.  Vigilance is needed presently.  Nothing else is needed more at this time than Vigilance. You are not just fighting for your future but the future of your children and their children.

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