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First Nation(s) in Canada, Native Indian history in Canada, & the European "Black Nobility"

"It wasn't even long ago that White People stole Canada  from Native Indians"
       Incorrect, that is actually a divisive Marxist narrative which perpetuates Reparation Payments, Guilt Consciousness, Dependence, and Debt.  In fact, European nations when conquering different pieces of land in Canada used different Native Indian Tribes that lived on different parts of the land in Canada and used them to fight each other which is the whole "divide and conquer" strategy of the historic past. Because Canada is so gigantic in land mass, no European nation could directly conquer Canada.  Hence, they decided to claim certain parts of the land for themselves and ally themselves with Native Indian Tribes that lived on those lands that they claimed in order to fight other European groups. This is no different historically than what occurred in Africa, Asia, Caribbeans, South America, etc. To European rulers (most of which comes from one family -the Black nobility who come to power during the Venetian Empire and yes, you guessed it, are Khazars/Radhanites), war is a game and hence the axiom,"soldiers fight wars and die in wars, politicians sign treaties and end wars". The term, "The Great Game" also comes to mind when describing the wars in Central Asia between Britain and Russia. Therefore, the Europeans knew beforehand, since they were fighting each other and Muslims, that whoever could claim the most amount of land and secure the most amount of allies could win the war against one another. The Native Indians did not know this fact until much later, that they were being used for War gains that they did not control and by then, they couldn't back out because like any fight, once you back someone, you are associated with that person/side and leaving that person/side or that conflict isolates you from everyone and now both sides hate you. In other words, Native Indians saw the smaller picture but missed the bigger picture until it was too late.
      Moreover, Europeans went to war against
 each other and whoever stood in their way which allowed the formation of alliances between Native Indian Tribes and Europeans.  This is where the French and the English come into play because these two European nations fought all over Canada hence "Upper Canada" -British, "Lower Canada" -French. In this conflict, there was direct conflict, but there was also conflict between Europeans who settled with Native Indian Tribes and became a part of them like the "Metis" who in today's terms would be the "Liberal Multi-culturalists", the "cant we all get along people?" who try and work with everyone and then realize they can't work with everyone and then start fighting back late in the conflict but since no one believes in what they are fighting for, everyone just uses them in order to get them of the way. Since this was a war between opposing sides, the British and French used their alliances against one another which resulted in Native Indian Tribes fighting Native Indian Tribes for their European rulers/allies/partners. By the way, it did not mean previously that Native Indian Tribes were peaceful among each other either. However, there were no large mass killings or massive war death tolls either (though there was slavery among conquered Native Indian Tribes). There were also "honor killings"/blood killings among different tribes and also between people in the same tribes meaning that if I killed someone in your tribe or family, then you kill someone in my tribe or family for "honor" and it would go on until both sides decided it was enough retribution and blood spilled.
     After the French and British finished their wars (for the most part) against each other, they now claimed their respective land masses/areas of control since they never actually defeated each other hence being a "game"This is where the Native Indians and Europeans again come into play. Native Indians afterwards settled with their allies whether it was the French allies or English allies either in Upper or Lower Canada.  However, Europeans did not want a foreign alien group settling among them which they viewed as the Native Indians, Europeans just wanted homogeneity so they forced Native Indians into Residential Schools to assimilate them and acclimatize them which over time stripped Native Indians of their culture and also since they were going to be living among them, Europeans gave Native Indian allies the worst piece of land imaginable therefore keeping the best land for themselves. This is similar to two people working together on a project and then one person taking all the credit for it and therefore taking the position and money that the credit allowed for. However, the other person is "left out in the cold" with nothing to show for it. Unless both people came in with pure intent and wanted to split it 50/50, one person was going to shaft the other and this is what happened to the Native Indian Tribes when working with Europeans whose only sole purpose was to claim land for themselves so they never came in with a 50/50 mentality, they came in with 100/0. Summing it all up, Europeans stole tracts of land from their allies after war they did not steal the entire nation from 1 group of people when they arrived in Canada.
     So with that said, there was no "First Nation". There was "First NationS".  The Marxist narrative needs you to believe in the "First Nation" narrative in order to prop up "Victimization Theory" and "White Knight Syndrome" so that there is "White Guilt" and "Guilt Complex" so that you keep active the Public Service Sector (and "Band Leaders" who feed off and are Dependent on the Public Service Sector) and keep Big Government in existence. Amusing enough, no one ever talks about the "Charlottetown Accords" in 1992 which would have given First Nations their own Nation inside Canada since it would have recognized them as a THIRD GOVERNMENT "The Accord would have substantially altered the status of Aboriginal groups in Canadian political society. Under the Accord, an Aboriginal right to self-government would have been enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. Moreover, the Accord would have recognized Aboriginal governments as a third order of government, analogous to the federal government and the provinces. In other words, Aboriginal governments would have been granted their own order of government, which would have been constitutionally autonomous from the federal and provincial levels of government. Aboriginal legislation, however, would have been required to be consistent with the principles of "peace, order, and good government in Canada", and would have been subject to judicial review under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Beyond these general principles, the Charlottetown Accord did not provide any details on the precise form that such Aboriginal self-government would have taken, or how the transition would have been effected. Further, it provided for a breathing period before Aboriginal groups could access the right to self-government in the courts. This would have allowed the federal government and the provinces time to negotiate the details in the absence of court decisions. If, however, self-government was not realized during this period, then Aboriginal groups could litigate matters in the courts. In addition to the principle of self-government, the Charlottetown Accord would have entrenched existing treaty rights in the Constitution(although it would not have created any additional treaty rights) and it would have given constitutional recognition to Métis rights". But guess who opposed it??? Anyone? Anyone?? If you guessed Socialist, Globalist Sell Out, and Media "Wonder Boy" -Pierre Trudeau, you are correct!!!!!! He rallied with Quebec Separatists (who he crushed in the 1970's with his War Measures Act)  and told ordinary Canadians to vote against the Referendum and because of it, the Referendum failed 54% to 45%, Brian Mulroney steps down and also in turn gives Canada their first Female Prime Minister -Kim Campbell, and Canada remains to this day a Socialist, big Government country who gives welfare to First Nations communities as Reparations instead of allowing them to run their own affairs outside the jurisdiction of Provincial Governments and therefore be completely INDEPENDENT which is why Pierre Trudeau could not allow it to happen and rallied against First Nation independence. You do not learn this in school because "Pierre Trudeau is the greatest man who has ever lived in Canada and we are blessed to have him as our King" and I believe this whole-heartedly because I was taught this in School and on TV while watching the Liberal/Socialist Media and therefore must be true because I am a parrot who repeats things without thinking.
     Moving along, for ignorant people who say, "why can't all Black people get along?" OR "why do brown people always fight each other?" or"white people always go to war with each other for stupid reasons" ummmmmmm yeah as I stated earlier when I started this reply, because they are different communities in different neighborhoods with different cultures who have different expectations and want different outcomes for their family, friends, neighborhood, and community.  They are not all 1 people but different people just like the First NationS people before Europeans made contact with them in Canada.  Socialist Governments, which are Big Governments, need problems to exist in order for them to exist which benefits Keynesian Economics and Private Central Bankers. Socialist Governments need Dependence in order to survive and need the masses to think as Infants and Children therefore relying to be Spoon fed information and therefore led by the hands to act.  


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