Sunday, October 2, 2016

Demons/Non-Physical Entities & Demon Symbology, "the Serpent", Khazars, & the Tribe of Dan

Death, Time, Sin, Power, Corruption, Hell are all one circle on the road you travel when you are trapped on Saturn's realm of existence. Detachment frees you from travelling this realm where non-physical entities/"fallen angels" rule over and help those trying to be materially successful on Earth.

Drug Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Slave Trafficking, & Arms Trafficking are all lucrative business that enable the Goyim to be destroyed and are all done by Intel Agents, World Governments, and Secret Societies working for the Death Cult of Saturn which is destroying our communities, neighborhoods, and societies today and decaying our cultures.
What Duterte is doing as Filipino President by clearing out the "Drug Trade" is no different than what the Taliban and Chinese did by trying to stop the Opium trade and Opium production in their respective countries. Both previous attempts to stop the Drug Trade failed since the "Drug Trade" is too lucrative for everyone (including for the media) to stop, also enables money to be laundered and thrown into property, as well as enables money to be accumulated that will be used to bribe people with.
Opium Trade and the Jews

Realize the fact that on top of the ability to control food supplies and medical supplies because of the mega mergers that are occurring due to the Economic Crisis, the Elites will also control your ability to buy food via "Cashless Currency" when the "Cashless Economy" is installed into place. If you disagree with what the Elites and their puppet authoritarian figures ask you to perform or say, they freeze all your assets and make you homeless while you starve in order to create an example for the rest of the Goyim to stay obedient. This is the globalist "New World Order" that Jews have been working hard to materialize since the 1900's. 

Globalists infiltrate all major Institutions in order to bring their agenda into fruition. If any individual is speaking about "Globalism" or "One World" he/she is working for a Globalist or a Globalist sponsored cause.

      Not only did Blacks have their Hebrew history stolen from them by the Death Cult of Saturn and their Egyptian history stolen from them by the Death Cult of Saturn, they also had their Irish history stolen from them by the Death Cult of Saturn. Blacks need to stop being the proxies of the Death Cult of Saturn and stop being so brainwashed and therefore misled by those in power who are using them for their own tribal gains.

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