Saturday, April 23, 2016

Marxist-Globalist Indoctrination = Stockholm Syndrome, White Knight Syndrome, & Perpetual Victim Theory =Slavery

     Spoon fed by the Mainstream Media, the Entertainment Sector, & Educational Institutions after World War II, the masses in Europe, Australia, and North America developed particular personality traits and are conditioned to think and believe a particular way.  So much so, that those in the First World are leading the rest of the world and themselves to become fleeced and slaughtered by the agenda in motion.


the Public Service Sector and Government is filled with "change agents".



      the Mainstream Media, Marxist Educational Institutions, and the Entertainment Sector want you imbalanced and filled with emotion so that you are not using your intellectual and seeing through their globalist agenda.  Not seeing through their agenda allows you to feel powerless, dependent, and focused on distractions in order to escape reality rather than have the courage to see reality for what it is and stop the agenda from moving forwards.

By indoctrinating us to think and believe that we are "Empowered", we do not realize that it is us "Empowering" the State.

= a Confused Mass of "sheeple" that is pushing the "WE" mentality onto society which is leading us all to an Age of Confusion with the acceptance of TransAge, Transhumanism, Transgender, and TransRacial.  All of this leading to the collapse of society while allowing the State to have even more power over all Individuals.  This is why the "WE" mentality is so dangerous and destructive:
The Elites are following "Agenda 21"/Agenda 2030 presently


Arabization is never mentioned in Public Discourse, only Western Colonialism.  This "whitewashing" hides the actual reality of Islam from the masses.



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      All ideologies being promoted and supported by the Educational Institutions, the Mainstream Media, and the Entertainment sector that the masses are rallying around presently are destructive to Western Civilization and Christ/Nanak/Buddha/Krishna Consciousness.  All ideologies being promoted presently make the masses dependent on the State, remove our higher consciousness and connection to the divine, and make us all Statists. Do not allow this future to unfold for it is Saturn that wins.
      "Speak now or forever hold your peace" and Saturn will trap you on his material realm for eternity if you do not speak up and fight against his Death Cult.

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