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"Statism" is the Religion, "Statist" is those that believe in it.


Paris parties all night with silent disco, art shows

Bill Gates Unveils His Very Own Hitler Youth Movement’-How do you persuade a nation of relatively freedom-loving individuals to march in lock step with a police state? You start by convincing them that only the government can protect them
     Once you give Individuals, Organizations, Institutions, Corporations, or/and Society money OR use money to create their program(s) -they will become Dependent on you and will never vote you out of power because anyone else, they fear, will cut what you gave them.  This is why Governments and Philanthropists donate money and why Liberals, Socialists, "Humanitarians"/"Humanitarian Organizations", and Democrats will always have voters no matter what!  "Easy money" and "Free money" blinds our ability to think

'Psychic Robot' System Guesses Intentions From Your Movements

New era beckons for supersonic air travel

The US military plans to release a “supersoldier” suit in 2018

The Army's Futuristic Guard Posts Are Trailers with Pop-Up Gun Turrets

The 'death ray' that can knock out drones from up to a mile away using radio waves

"Energy" is how this Physical Realm works and how this Physical Realm is tied together.  "Energy" has to flow in more than one direction (which is why I alluded in earlier articles to be careful with the "Secret" and harnessing it's power).  It does not matter how many directions that "Energy" travels however, it does matter that Energy is not contained in any 1 area, 1 spot, 1 location, 1 region, 1 person, etc.  "Energy" must always flow in different outlets, ports, people, etc.

One Question Dominates: Correction or Reversal?

China, Russia, Norway, Brazil, Taiwan Dump US Treasuries
     No one wants to be stuck with worthless dollars once the Crash occurs.

Brazil Unemployment Rate Soars As Workers Brace For Tighter Economic Squeeze

Brazil’s Federal Court of Accounts ruled that President Dilma Rousseff broke the law by manipulating the 2014 budget.
     Presently, every Government is Manipulating their numbers whether it's the Labor numbers, Budget numbers, Economic numbers, etc.  All Governments are hiding the truth from their Citizens, from their Foreign Investors, from Corporations, and from other Countries.  Everything you read presently is Propaganda in one form or another.

This is How the Trade Pact Escalates the Currency War

The "1%" Own Half The World's Assets: The Stunning Chart

The Elites Are Setting The Public Up For A Financial Wipeout

Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse

Europe Reveals How Accounts Will Be Frozen During the Next Crisis

When pension funds go empty, all bets are off

Investments Drop at a Record Pace: “Frightened Investors Withdrew Near Record $63 Billion”

IMF: $3 trillion in “Over-Borrowing Now Threatens To Unleash a Wave of Defaults”

This Is The Terrifying Future That We All Face

The World Is Heading For Its Third Global Financial Crisis As Financial System Has Gone Rogue, This Time There Seems No Way Out, And Fed Officials Seem Ready To Deploy Negative Rates

The Derivatives Market: Bets, Bookies, and Fraud

Derivatives Crisis Underway? HUGE Behind the Scenes Operations Attempting to Put Out MASSIVE FIRES
     "Physical Shortages & Cartel Manipulation –a Reality Check" (Crony Capitalism thrives on Scarcity and Overabundance. Cartels create scarcity in order to boost profits and draw people in.  Afterwards, they create over saturation by  Flooding the economy, or Flooding the job market, or Flooding the stock markets, etc with Overabundance thus creating a usable and useful Underclass therefore driving down prices).  There is nothing where Crony Capitalists/Cartels are not involved and are not manipulating a price, or a number, or a statistic.

Last Time that Ratio Soared like this, Stocks Crashed

Falling commodity prices have caused panic in credit markets and just like 2007 the contagion is spreading

Two possibilities:  “a 1987-style collapse,” or a 1973-74-style slow “sliding slope of hope.”

Global Shipping Veers into Capital Destruction

Fortune 500 Companies Stash $2.1 Trillion Offshore as US Taxpayers Foot the Bill

77.5 Million Households Are Not Paying Federal Income Taxes
      Firstly, this is impossible to do in a "Cashless Economy" and Secondly, people refuse to (or cannot) pay Federal Taxes when they are in Debt and barely holding on to their familiar Lifestyles.  Not paying taxes also became a problem for Greece and Greece's Government thus quickening Greece's economic woes.  The Mainstream Media and Institutional Narratives will spin this issue around and blame those who cannot pay taxes as one of the main culprits for Economic failure.  However, both the Mainstream Media and Institutional Narrative will not mention how Corporations avoid paying Taxes.

The brand new $1billion ghost city in New Mexico with enough room for 35,000 people...where NOBODY will ever live (Pegasus Global Holdings, a telecommunications and tech firm, is planning on building a full-scale American town where researchers can test experiments like a driverless car in a human-free environment) 
     This is AGENDA 21 in play where there will exist Zones/Land that the Mass Population will have no access to whether it's for research, or development of technology, or for preservation of nature.

In North America’s Costliest City, Rich Chinese Take the Blame



Victory For “Criminal” Homeless Who Local Government Tried To Jail
     There is no Homelessness in the New World Order.  Homelessness will be "Criminalized" and the Homeless will be sent to Labor Camps and "Disappear" out of society after the Economic Collapse occurs.  However, poverty will be rampant in particular Zones where people will inhabit and that are created during the New World Order.

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse

Marc Faber: Gold’s “Bigger Question” Is Where To Store It – Govt’s Likely to Confiscate Again

America to Collapse As Dollar Dies: “You Cannot Stop What Is Coming… 25 to 50 Million Dead in 90 Days”

Smartphones can be hacked into with just one text message and then used to spy on their owners

Snowden Reveals How the Government Can Easily Hack Your Phone

When You Use A Smartphone In China, You Agree Not To...



"More Preschoolers are shot Dead each year than Police Officers are in the Line of Duty"

‘Mommy, am I going to die?': Ohio 4-year-old pleads after cop shoots her and walks away



“Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding the Guns”


'Steve Jobs' Director Danny Boyle Warns of "Terrifying Power" of Tech Giants

The UN Releases Plan to Push for Worldwide Internet Censorship

How the TPP Could Lead to Worldwide Internet Censorship


DNA ‘vaccine’ sterilizes mice, could lead to one-shot birth control

Judges plan to outlaw climate change 'denial’

Global Warming? Try Arctic Sea Ice Continues Record Growth

Ankara terror attack: Protesters clash with police after ambulances 'blocked' following explosions
     Protesters will be targeted and Terrorist (any one that does not buy the government narrative and decides to challenge it and question it) will be blamed in order to enact Draconian Laws and declare Martial Law.  This will also cause fear in the Masses to even protest against the Government.  This is how Dictatorships come to power -through creating Chaos, Disinformation, and manipulation of Fear.

Blast Shakes Ankara Just in Time to Justify NATO Incursion into Syria

Merkel says she is against Turkey’s full-fledged membership in EU
     This statement by Merkel makes no difference to the West since the West has been manipulating the Turks and Arabs since the time of the Ottoman Empire -propping it up as the "Sick Man of Europe", not allowing for Russia to expand into the Ottoman Empire and destroy the Ottoman Empire, creating Puppet Governments after Decolonization occurred, allowing for the Jupiter Missile to be positioned in Turkey during the "Cuban Missile Crisis", and enabling Islam to stay dominate inside of the historical Ottoman controlled regions (Middle East, North Africa, and the Balkans) instead of allowing for "Pan-Arabism" to spread and flourish.  Turkey has always been a "Focal Point" for the West to use for Geopolitical gains.  Both Global Agendas occurring presently were through Turkey and with Turkey's help: (a) Many of the Refugees flooded into Europe from Turkey AND (b) Many of the weapons from the West were given to ISIS through Turkey.  Turkey and the Turks as a people have been a pawn all throughout history.  Whether Turkey is in the EU or not matters very little since Turkey is a part of NATO and will factor into World War III.

Meet The Secretive Committees That Run The Global Economy
     Many of the key players are not mentioned in this article but a few of the Institutions are mentioned so it's worth a read.  However you spin it, National Governments are not in charge of their own Economies and Individuals living in any Country are always manipulated by "Crony Capitalists".  Unless you destroy the Central Banking system, eliminate Free Trade Deals, eliminate "Crony Capitalism", and allow for a "Free Market" to exist -you are always playing on an uneven playing field and living on "borrowed time" where the rug can be taken from underneath you at any moment.

“What separates the rich from the poor? Answer: The Fed.”

History: Science or fiction? Revised Chronology — our ancient history has been forged.
      Nothing you know about the past is complete or factual, just bits and pieces of events that were recorded and documented in order to create Narratives and harness vibrations.

South Korea to control history textbooks used in schools

Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power

Parents, Students Say 3rd Grader Terrorizing East Bay Elementary School
     "Liberalism" at it's finest.  "Do you think a single 3rd grader could terrorize a whole school 40 years ago? Liberalism is the ruination of everything it infects".  Instead of correcting the problem and Disciplining the child, the School System will give him SSRIs or Take him away from his parents and give him to Foster Parents.  Both options do not solve his behavioral problems, it just tries to hide and mask it.

A Sex Deviant Schools Ontario Children

Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity

University of Toronto cutting back on gender-neutral bathrooms after two reports of voyeurism

Understanding TTIP Part 2: Disputed deal 'could bring £400 to every British family'
     Every "Crony Capitalist" will always try and sell you the Benefit(s), then glance slightly at the Negative (so that they can argue they represented both sides of the tale and were not bias), and then propagate further the Benefits of their agenda, before finally "selling you out" with very little chance of reversing the change now in effect.   Do not drink the "Kool Aid".  Do not "buy in" simply because someone with authority or celebrity status is speaking to you.  Think for yourself.

U.S. Senate candidate admits to sacrificing goat, drinking its blood
     Whether it's David Cameron of the U.K. and the "Pig Gate" story or Augustus Sol Invictus of the U.S. Senate, "Occult Blood Rituals" and "Occult Sex Rituals" occur more than you think.  When you understand the Occult, when you understand Vibrations and Energy, when you understand "the Death Cult of Saturn", and when you understand Saturn, Mars, Ketu, and Rahu -you will get a clear and concise picture of those that rule over you and why society works the way it does. 

US Targets Bolivia With Secret Drug Indictments Against Evo Morales’ Government
     Wherever Saturn can cause Doubt, Destabilization and Chaos, Saturn will cause Doubt, Destabilization, and Chaos (and profit handsomely from it).  Skull and Bones, the CIA, the DEA, Police Officers (those working for "Crony Capitalists") move the most amount of Drugs and earn the most profit from it, and yet never get indicted for it. Whether it's weapons, drugs, or sex -"Crony Capitalists" move the most of it around and profit the most from it.

All car companies cheat on emissions tests—it’s just that most do it legally

VW exec blames 'a couple of' rogue engineers for emissions scandal
      The "official" narrative will always look for "Scapegoats", "Patsies", and "Rogue" individuals instead of focusing on the Institution, the Corporation, or the System.  "Crony Capitalism" is never corrected even when the opportunity presents itself.  Saturn will never let his system falter once the system is started.  Saturn's only goal is to allow the system to grow, consolidate, and entrench itself so that it can have complete and total control of everything inside of it.  Saturn transforms everything inside the box before destroying it.  Saturn creates a tomb/box and suffocates everything inside of it.  

Busted: Children’s Leukemia Charity Gave Just 1% Of Donations to the Cause

Another Reason to Never Get a Flu Shot: Nurse Uses Same Dirty Syringe to Vaccinate 70 People in a Row

US NEWS: 29 Holistic Doctors/ND’s Poisoned, Some suffering “life threatening conditions” at Conference (Criminal investigation Underway)

Did Obama Bomb Doctors Without Borders for Opposing T.P.P?

Chemotherapy can backfire, make cancer worse by triggering tumor growth

Pink Ribbons, Awareness, and Keeping Cancer Alive for Profit & Livelihood  (2:12 mins.)

The Fukushima Wasteland: "Terrifying" Drone Footage Of Japan's Abandoned Nuclear Exclusion Zone

Montreal mayor vows to push ahead with plan to dump 8-billion litres of sewage into St. Lawrence

Potential “Nuclear Fallout” Imminent As Radioactive Waste Sets To Burn In Missouri


Yes, the CIA Director Was Part of the JFK Assassination Cover-Up


     "Private Contractors" also used IEDs on American Soldiers in order to create chaos and ensure the "Military Industrial Complex" was able to profit from the conflict by keeping the troops in Afghanistan

There And Back Again –Your Trip Through The American Empire

Eisenhower's warning about the “Military Industrial Congressional Complex”

Nato’s Bombs Fall Like Confetti, Not Containing Conflict But Spreading It

North American Union: US/Canadian Generals Discussed Fully Integrating Their Militaries

Hollande warns of total war if Mid East conflict not solved

The West Rightly Condemns Isis Vandalism of Ancient Sites – But Not When the Saudis Do It

Saudi Arabia increasing weapon supplies to Syrian rebels following Russian airstrikes 

"Carpe Chaos" - ISIS, Israel, Iraq, & Syria: It's All Part Of The Plan

CNN Claims, Without Proof, Russian Missiles Bound for Syria Hit Iran
Everyone is a pawn for "Crony Capitalists" whether it is CIA Assets (Bin Laden, Qaddafi, Hussein, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, etc.), Military Personnel, Intel Agents, Whistle Blowers, Unwitting Individuals, etc. -are all living on "borrowed time" when you work for/with "the Death Cult of Saturn".  There is no justice/peace for those that work for/with "the Death Cult of Saturn".  There is only forced loyalty, untimely death, and an "official" narrative that will fit the "Crony Capitalist" agenda.  Case in point, these three stories:

"Scot Free" -JFK Board Game
https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=51&v=L7e3RK_xSvc  (59 secs.)

Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order & Many Mysterious Deaths

Weeks After Stopping Terrorist Train Attack, ‘Hero’ Spencer Stone Stabbed Outside California Bar

Q: You mentioned that the "Death Cult of Saturn" harnesses planets and vibrations.  Can you explain those planets please and the effects of those planets being harnessed?
A:  The 4 planets that the "Death Cult of Saturn" harnesses often is Saturn, Mars, Ketu, and Rahu.  This is how the "Death Cult of Saturn" affect people's vibrations, vibrations of Countries, vibrations of Corporations, and vibrations of Institutes.  Numbers, Time, Colors, and Symbols are key to harnessing Saturn, Mars, Ketu, and Rahu.  Listed below is Saturn, Mars, Ketu, and Rahu's effects based on "Horary Astrology" (time) which is different than "Natal Astrology" (birth).

1st house - denotes problems of dead people
2nd house - marriage of a family member
3rd house - travel to a pilgrimage location or loss on journey
4th house - drop in education or mother's sickness
5th house - functions of children
6th house - sickness pertaining to head/brain
7th house - divorce or disturbance in martial life
8th house - death by drowning or danger by water
9th house - problems with higher-ups or parents
10th house - disturbance at job/profession
11th house - loss in income, cheated by friends
12th house - death of a paternal relative

1st house - denotes problems and sorrows of the native; tantrik (black magic) effects/evil forces
2nd house - quarrels in the family
3rd house - loss of a job/loss of an animal/loss of a vehicle
4th house - problems at home/ problems of mother/ sale of vehicle
5th house - children health/ loss of name name through children
6th house - winning over enemies, firing of someone who works for you
7th house - bad partners and details about thief
8th house - health problems 
9th house - problems to father
10th house - problems in job/profession, change of job
11th house - loss through friends, bad company
12th house - sorrows, death/problems

1st house - denotes about problems of snake god, tantrik (black magic) effects
2nd house - problems in the family and loss of income
3rd house - loss of vehicle or theft
4th house - sickness to mother or surgery to mother
5th house - problems to children
6th house - ill health problems/problems with those that work for you
7th house - quarrels with wife/husband or problems to wife/husband
8th house - prolonged sickness or death of a grand parent
9th house - accidents in long journeys
10th house - loss in position or fame, problems to father
11th house - loss in business/quarrels with friends
12th house - accidents in journey

1st house - dwelling spot is not good, about unnatural death

2nd house - problems through harsh speech
3rd house - loss of a thing or theft
4th house - losses at home, or problems to mother
5th house - problems to children
6th house - attachments with those working for you/success with enemies
7th house - problems with partners in business or family
8th house - chances of accidents on journey
9th house - loss of a relative
10th house - gain of name and fame or service
11th house - new powerful friends
12th house - loss of eyesight or loss of money/loss of blood

In order to bind a spell, you must seal it.  Often Individuals that cast a spell will use Circles, Triangles, Boxes, etc. -after they have cast the spell.

Q: Does the "Death Cult of Saturn" exist in Hinduism as well?
A:  Yes, it does exist in Hinduism/Brahmanism as well.  To free yourself from Saturn's control of Hinduism/Brahmanism, focus on "Krishna Consciousness".  Otherwise, the worship of Saturn is prevalent in Hinduism/Brahmanism.  Saturn in fact, is prevalent in all Institutional Religions.


"The letter 'J' originated as a swash letter i, used for the letter 'i' at the end of Roman numerals when following another 'i', as in 'xxiij' instead of 'xxiii' for the Roman numeral representing 23. A distinctive usage emerged in Middle High German. Gian Giorgio Trissino (1478–1550) was the first to explicitly distinguish 'I' and 'J' as representing separate sounds".
"Halos" are actually related to Saturn they are not "holy" or "sacred".  Neither is the "crown of thorns" on Jesus' head.  The "Crown of Thorns" and "Halos" are both related to Saturn and was drawn into images by adherents of the "Death Cult of Saturn" so that Saturn can harness your energy and infect your energy with his.  Focus all your energy on achieving  "Christ Consciousness".  Do not focus your time on the name "Jesus", or Jesus personified/the human Jesus, or any images of Jesus.  That is exactly what Saturn and the "Death Cult of Saturn" want.  The only way to escape Saturn is to achieve "Christ Consciousness".

There is a "Grid"/"Matrix" on Earth but it has nothing to do with UFO's.  The "Grid"/"Matrix" has everything to do with the Occult and the "Death Cult of Saturn".


Understand how the "Death Cult of Saturn" also harnesses and uses "Master Numbers" and their "Wing Numbers/Lesser Numbers/Side Numbers" when they are hiding their intent and message from the masses and yet speaking in the open and in public view to fellow members of their Cult.
"Master Numbers" include -11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 111, 222, etc etc.  
"Wing Numbers/Lesser Numbers/Side Numbers" include -10 & 12, 21 & 23, 32 & 34, 54 & 56, 65 & 67, 76 & 78, 87 & 89, 98 & 100, 110 & 112, etc etc.

Everything is locked onto/bonded into a "Grid/Matrix" by numbers. 
1+6+1+0 =8 (Galileo did not discover Saturn, the "Death Cult of Saturn" has been worshiping Saturn for centuries).  The "Death Cult of Saturn" were speaking to their fellow cult members and decided to create this narrative using numbers (specifically the number 8).  Myth then became Legend which then became Historical "Fact" once it became taught in Institutions!  This is how history is manufactured and has always been manufactured throughout the ages.

Q:  I find your articles insightful and useful but at the same time a little scattered and disjointed.
A:  Similar to Train Compartments that are attached to one another, each article written is just like a Compartment on the Train.  You must go through each Compartment (journey through) all Compartments in order to get a clearer picture of reality and be able to understand yourself.  The journey is worth taking and will change you one way or another, but the journey is not for everyone because it takes a lot out of you.  Each article is connected to another article and as you journey through it, you will see the MacroCosmic picture and understand Reality better.  In other words, it's similar to Puzzle Pieces.  All the puzzle pieces are there in one place, yet you do not have the picture needed beforehand in order to know what you are trying to make.  Therefore, you will have to just work through the whole puzzle, piece by piece, until you see everything fit into place and you finally see the image in the completed puzzle.  Some topics overlapped with other topics in other articles and therefore were brought into those other articles without being made the main item discussed in that article therefore leading a "bread crumb" (clue) that will lead you to another topic in another article that will help make topics make sense for you.  Each article is a "bread crumb" that will lead you to another "bread crumb" until you have all the "bread crumbs" collected together to make the original bread that the "breads crumbs" originated from.

Q:  What is your opinion on Refugees and Immigrants?
Refugees and Immigrants should only have access to programs that they have paid into or that their own Cultural Community has paid into (whether it's their own Government paying into it, charging the Individual that is using it presently and garnishing some of his future wages at a later time in order to pay what he/she used, or his Cultural Community paying for it, or a combination of those things running together simultaneously).  However, it is made to work, "Multicultural Programs" should be financed strictly by private individuals from that Cultural Community or financed from the Foreign Country not through Government Tax Dollars.  We need to stop finding ways to make the Government bigger and one way to do that is to remove the Government from promotion of Cultural Communities and Cultural Events.  We need to stop making everyone pay for things that not everyone uses or is not interested in.  We need to shrink the Government by removing them out of non-essential programs and non-essential services that have nothing to do with Citizens health and economic well being.  By spending an Individuals's money  on something that is non-essential, we then run out of money when that Individual actually needs an essential service such as: access to health care for his parents, or for individual physiotherapy, or for pensions, or for the school their children go to, etc. 

     When the Government pays for non-essential services and non-essential programs, those programs and those working for those programs are Dependent on Government money in order to stay alive which means that they are Unsustainable because they will absorb and suck away Government money and over time deplete the Government of money.  This forces higher taxes on the citizens of that country or it forces the Government to borrow money from the Central Bank (which is a future tax). All of this pain from higher taxes could have been avoided had the Government not ventured into these types of non-essential services in the first place.  The individual would therefore have the money he paid into by paying his taxes and majority of First World countries would not have service reductions and service cuts that they are experiencing presently.  However, because the Government spent Taxpayers money for it's own strategic purposes, self interest, self preservation, and garnering votes in certain Cultural Communities, the Government is now faced with either raising Taxes or Borrowing money from the Central Bank in order to provide services that people have paid into.  
      The government should not be able to subsidize or fund Multicultural Organizations, Multicultural Events, or Multicultural Groups.  That should be in the Private sector for Private Individuals and Cultural Communities to fund, host, promote, and create. Taxpayers should not be liable for hosting these events or helping to fund these organizations that have very little to do with the Culture of the Land.
    Furthermore, "the giver must set limits because the taker never will" is the best way I can sum it up.  It is silly for Refugees and Immigrants to come to a Country and demand that the Country change for them instead of the Refugee or Immigrant changing for the Country.  The Refugee or Immigrant chose the Country to emigrate to, the Country did not demand that he/she come to the Country they now inhabit.  The immigrant or refugee can go back to his/her country at any time he/she wants and be accepted because of his/her Birth Certificate rather than complain about what the Country he/she now lives in is not doing for him/her.  Many refugees and immigrants come in with false expectations and many refugees and immigrants only choose to go to Countries with strong Social Programs and strong Social Services as well as countries that give them a chance to gain Citizenship quickly.  However, few Immigrants and Refugees realize that the only thing running these Social Programs and Social Services they so crave is Taxes paid for by Citizens of the country they now live in.  Immigrants and Refugees can enrich a Country but only when they drop their "Entitlement",  drop their "Victim Status", drop their Government Dependence, and drop their "Privilege" of being able to yell out "Racist" or "Discrimination" when things do not go their own way.  
    Furthermore Politicians & Political Parties and publicly funded Social Organization and Human Rights Organizations need to stop saying that, "the more multicultural and the more pluralist a nation becomes, the more it reveals that we have Progressed as a nation".  That is not "progress" on behalf of a nation.  In fact, that is actually "choice".  You as Politicians, Political Parties, Social Organizations, and Human Rights Organizations are choosing to help Corporations find  and build an Underclass of workers and in order to do it, you are using Tax payer dollars to integrate Foreign born Immigrants and Refugees into the country where they will now work.  You as Politicians, Political Parties, Social Organizations, and Human Rights Organizations are using Immigrants and Refugees in order to keep your economy afloat by having them work, borrow money, and spend money therefore allowing money to circulate in an already stagnating and weakening economy that is worsening daily due to Government Regulations and Government Restrictions on the Free Market as well as Crony Capitalism's growing strength in the Market.  Due to the fact, you have allowed Central Banks to control our national currency you have allowed for Inflation to occur in Countries and standard of living to drop.  You have allowed Corporations, Institutions, Governments, and Central Banks to alter the Culture of the Land and commodified the Individual and the Family.  Governments have signed Free Trade Deals making our country export nations that benefit Corporations primarily and the Country minutely.  Without weakening our dollar by allowing for the Central Banking System to rule over our Country, we would not need Refugees and Immigrants by the masses in order to prop up our faltering economy and be a key player in the new part time economy you are presently creating
     It is true that every country was built on Refugees and Immigrants working together, especially the New World, however it is also strange that when Immigrants go to Countries other than Western nations and go to Countries that are not predominately White they do not ask for "human rights" or protest for "social issues".  Instead, immigrants and refugees are just happy to have a job, a meal, and a roof over their heads because their own countries were not able to offer them that opportunity.  However, when Refugees and Immigrants arrive in Western Countries, Immigrants and Refugees tend to ask the Country they now landed on to change for them and appease their needs.  Public Service Sector Workers, Crony Capitalists, and Corporations should stop trying to always mold the Culture of the Land into the way that Corporations, Crony Capitalists, and the Public Service Sector workers want so that they themselves can benefit from while the Culture of the Land erodes and becomes replaced over time with something foreign.  As the saying goes, "the Devil will always try to enter through the back door and cannot enter through the front door unless you invite him in".  This is what is occurring presently.  The "Devil" is using your humanity against you.  The "Devil" is using your humanity to disarm you, weaken you, manipulate you, exploit you, and then pounce on you.  The "Devil" is not the Refugees or the Immigrants but rather the Corporations, the Politicians, and the Public Service Sector (the Crony Capitalists) who will benefit the most from bringing in Refugees and Immigrants.  The masses will just be stuck footing the bill for Refugees and Immigrants.  
       As I stated in the beginning, 
Refugees and Immigrants should only have access to programs that they have paid into or that their own Cultural Community has paid into (whether it's their own Government paying into it, charging the Individual that is using it presently and garnishing some of his future wages at a later time in order to pay what he/she used, or his Cultural Community paying for it, or a combination of those things running together simultaneously).  However, it is made to work, "Multicultural Programs" should be financed strictly by private individuals from that Cultural Community not through Government Tax Dollars.  We need to stop finding ways to make the Government bigger and one way to do that is to remove the Government from promotion of Cultural Communities and Cultural Events.  
     Some may argue that "Identity is fickle and always transmutable" which is true.  In the past, before Nation States were created and before the Colonial Era, when the King was captured OR the land was invaded and overtaken through War, the population was converted to the Religion of the Victor or absorbed by the Victor and made an extension of his Culture. It is also true that National Identity based on Nation States were artificially created and were romanticized into fictitious narratives by Institutions in order to create new identities for rulers/government.  However, with that being said, the artificial identities being created now through the process of the Central Banking System, Globalization & Free Trade Deals, and Mass Migration through War in the Third World is creating a bankrupt First World nation and bankrupt First World individuals who are all responsible for one another and yet Corporations, the Central Banking System, and the Government  just grow in power with no responsibility to anyone.  That is why these "Crony Capitalists" create and manipulate Crises.  It is because Corporations, the Government, and Central Bankers are Dependent on Crises in order to grow in strength, power, and influence.  

Q:  How do you think the State will prevent people from stopping the New World Order?
A: I believe that 1st there will be Censorship enacted, followed by Detainment of Individuals whether it is through the "Mental Health Act" or through changing of "Criminal Laws".  This will occur simultaneously with the usage of Social networks and public shaming campaigns as well as "Black Listing" individuals therefore siphoning their source of income and making them Dependent on the Government.  Lastly, this will be followed by Purges in Society.  This will help Society become molded in a particular useful way for the betterment of the New World order.

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