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Links to All Published "MacroCosmic Thinking" Articles (Article 1 - Article 295)

1.) Identity (part 1) -Deconstructing common beliefs about the Slave Trade

2.) Identity (part 2) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Nationalism and Culture

3.) Identity (part 3) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Culture and Historical Narrative

4.) Identity (part 4) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Regional Identity and National Identity

5.) Identity (part 5) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Religious Identity

6.) Identity (part 6) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Economics and Identity

7.) Identity (part 7) -Deconstructing common beliefs about Purpose, Meaning, & Identity

8.) Wisdom of The Ages

9.) Fed Taper, Market Manipulation, and Inflation of Bubbles

10.) Manipulation of terms such as "the Chosen People", "After Life", and the "Devil"

11.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 1) -Bailouts & Expansions

12.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 2) -The "Real" Medical Industry

13.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 3) -Homegrown & Home Schooled

14.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 4) -Oh Canada EH???

15.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 5) -Odd Coincidences with Viruses & Outbreaks

16.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 6) -"Revolutions"

17.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 7) -Shadow Lenders & the Economy

18.) Smoke and Mirrors (part 8) - The Faltering Economy & the Corporate Driven "War on Terror" Campaign

19.) The Absurdity of the term "Boat People"

20.) 8 Points to Consider

21.) The Circle (part 1) -Politicians & why Society is built around half truths & speculations

22.) The Circle (part 2) -Ponzi Schemes/ Pyramid Schemes in the Banking Industry and the Stock Markets

23.) The Circle (part 3) -The Global Economy & The National Economy

24.) The Circle (part 4) -"Old Money" (the Elite), "New Money", & the "American Dream"

25.) The Circle (part 5) -Education & the power of Unions

26.) The Circle (part 6) -The Job Market, Tourism, & Selling You 'Happiness'

27.) The Circle (part 7) -Social Revolutions, "Prison Industrial Complex", Casinos, & the "Military Industrial Complex"

28.) The Circle (part 8) -Technological Scientific Dictatorship, Internet Censorship, & "Regime Change"

29.) The Circle (part 9) -S.S.R.I, Gun Violence, Patsies, "False Flags", Manufactured Fear, & the use of Social Distractions

30.) The Circle (part 10‏) - Knowledge and Change

31.) Canada's Crisis (part 1) –The Housing Bubble

32.) Canada's Crisis (part 2) –C.M.H.C and the outdated “Must Own A Property to Be Successful” Mindset

33.) Canada's Crisis (part 3) –The Banking Crisis

34.) Canada's Crisis (part 4) –Ontario’s Debt Crisis

35.) Canada’s Crisis (part 5) –Heavy Foreign Investment

36.) Canada's Crisis (part 6) –Not Facing our Exploitative Past

37.) Poetic Perspective (part 1) - Great Depression 2.0

38.) Poetic Perspective (part 2) - Medicated

39.) Poetic Perspective (part 3) - Mental Health Patient

40.) Poetic Perspective (part 4) -Labor Force

41.) Poetic Perspective (part 5) -Opportunity Lost, Lessons Forgotten

42.) Poetic Perspective (part 6) - Rock Bottom

43.) Poetic Perspective (part 7) - Zombie Life

44.) Poetic Perspective (part 8) -What If?

45.) Poetic Perspective (part 9) - Victimized

46.) Poetic Perspective (part 10) - Street Life

47.) Poetic Perspective (part 11) - Sand In A Hour Glass

48.) Poetic Perspective (part 12) - Real Forms

49.) Poetic Perspective (part 13) - Philosophy

50.) Poetic Perspective (part 14) - Killing Fields

51.) Unfinished Business (part 1) - Terrorism

52.) Unfinished Business (part 2) - Why you cannot rely on Bank Savings and Government Pensions

53.) Unfinished Business (part 3) - Urban Planning, Building Booms, and the creation of Modern Day Slums

54.) Unfinished Business (part 4) - "Dollar Peg", the "Petro Dollar", Currency Manipulation, and Currency Devaluation

55.) Unfinished Business (part 5) - Why Nationalization of Foreign Assets Leads To Failure

56.) Unfinished Business (part 6) - Medical Shortages & Big Pharma's Influence in the Medical Field

57.) Face of Change -A Precarious Underclass of Globalized Workers

58.) A Repeating, Historical Cycle (in two quotes)

59.) The “Middle Class”, Public Service Union Workers, & why Economies are shrinking presently

60.) ISLAM: Myths created inside historical Islam (part 1 out of 3)

61.) Landlords, Citizens, Governments, & Identity

62.) Dravidian Empire, Dravidian Influence, & why Religions are so similar

63.) Do You See It Yet? (NEW WORLD ORDER)‏

64.) ISLAM: Islam is Not A "Religion of Peace" -ISIS is historical Islam (part 2 out of 3)

65.) 29 Answers to Questions and Statements made by Readers

66.) ISLAM: Islam's Historical Past (part 3 out of 3)

67.) 38 Points on Identity

68.) Humans Need Not Apply (Trans humanism and Robot Automation simplified)

69.) 50 Philosophical Gems

70.) HORIZONTAL HISTORY (part 1): The Era of Western Myth (Western Historical and Spiritual Narrative Exposed)

71.) HORIZONTAL HISTORY (part 2): Putting It All Together

72.) HORIZONTAL HISTORY (part 3): Transformation of Spirituality in India

73.) EBOLA: 11 Truths about the Outbreak and Pandemic (part 1)

74.) Historically, HOW Empires & Dynasties have Collapsed:

75.) 90 Economic Facts to Consider

76.) 50 Notes on War and Reality

77.) China's Historical Impact on Europe & the World before the European "Age of Discovery"

78.) EBOLA: Diseases & Bio Weapons (part 2)

79.) CIVIL FORFEITURE in North America (Canada & the U.S.A.)

80.) "Pot Calling The Kettle Black" (the Vilification of Hitler and Nazi Germany)‏

81.) Social Acceptance, Herd Mentality, and Lemming Logic

82.) Fabian Society, Predictive Programming, and Molding the "Common Man"

83.) The City of London

84.) REVOLUTION (part 1):"Leaked" Information and the use of "Whistle Blowers" through the Mainstream Media

85.) REVOLUTION (part 2): The Manipulation of Revolutions and Protesters through Social Institutes and Organizations

86.) REVOLUTION (part 3): Regime Change and Creating "Protesters" and "Democracy Movements"

87.) Project for the New American Century and Pre-planned Wars

88.) Robots-R-Us

89.) "WHITE WASHING" History: How Governments & Social Institutes Alter Your Perception of Reality

90.) Entrenched Into Place -The Leviathan

91.) Sex, Prostitution, and Female Poverty during Inflationary and Hyper inflationary eras

92.) The Panopticon Society

93.) The Fifth Column

94.) 11 of the Worst Economic Crises and the Present Day Crisis Explained

95.) Taxes, Inflation, and Debt

96.) Re-writing how Governments work: Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (part 1 out of 2)

97.) "SOFT KILL" : Vaccinations, Sterilization, Eugenics, & the "Right to Die"/Death Panels

98.) Social Engineering and Social Experiments

99.) Perception Management

100.) Banking Made Simple (The Banking Hierarchy)

101.) Celebrating Your Enslavement (Unintended Consequences)

102.) Free Markets, Unions, Government Pensions, & Globalization

103.) War Propaganda (through Print media and Video)

104.) Economic Growth, Economic Policies, and Inflation (1830's-2015, via Line Chart)

105.) Measuring the "Heartbeat" of the World Economy -MSCI & the Baltic Dry Index (via Line Charts)

106.) "Dead Cat Bounce"

107.) The illusion of Human "Rights", the overuse of Political Correctness, and the eroding Wealth of National economies

108.) World War 3 & the Encirclement of Western Enemies

109.) AFRICA: A Playground of the Powerful

110.) Bank Runs, First Hours of Collapse, and Surviving the Economic Collapse

111.) Re-writing how Governments work: Trade In Services Agreement (part 2 out of 2)

112.) WEAPONS OF THE PRESENT: EMP Weapons, Tsunami Bombs, and HAARP

113.) Crashing Currencies & the New "Normal" in a Society with "Full" Employment

114.) "Free" Aid, "Must Save Everyone" Mentality, and Money out of thin air

115.) The Government & Business Perpetuated MYTH of the "Police Force Being The Sole Reason that Prevents Chaos"

116.) Economics in 2015 (part 1)

117.) I Ain't Charlie (i AM NOT Charlie) & The Myth of "Peaceful" Islam

118.) Economics in 2015 (part 2)

119.) The Effective use of Fear Mongering & Scare Tactics in Society

120.) The Impact of the Khazars, Venetian Bloodlines, the Creation of Pakistan, and Deconstructing Christianity

121.) INTELLECTUAL TYRANNY: The Forced Indoctrination of Equality on Society

122.) AGENDA 21

123.) What the West doesn't want to Admit about it's own Historical Narrative

124.) "Paganism" & the Ancient Wisdom that Abrahamic Religions Replaced in the Ancient World

125.) A Rich Man's Game/The Black Nobility (11 Questions by Readers)

126.) "Oh Canada -Bought & Sold Out"

127.) Libertarianism, Real Independence, and Understanding the Free Markets

128.) The Dangers of Statism, Democide, & Gun Control

129.) "Crimes Against Humanity" committed by the Anglo-Franco-Judean Empire

130.) WESTERN PROPAGANDA -How World War 2 Was Really Started (and why World War 3 will not be prevented)

131.) Our Reality & "Living in the Broken" -Power Connections & Experiments done on the Masses

132.) Family Ties & Blood Lineages

133.) Einstein & Tesla -How some ideas get expounded into society & accepted as fact (and others don't)

134.) War Criminals from the Past (who have not gone away & whose crimes are still felt today)

135.) Engineered Collapse, NDAA, and Fema Camps

136.) Ongoing Currency Wars & the Cashless Society

137.) The Georgia Guidestones, Druids, Rosicrucians, & the New World Order

138.) Indoctrination, Social Influence, & Conformity -why Societal Change is "Top-Down" not "Bottom-Up"

139.) Subliminal Messages & Why Your Choices Are Programmed Into You (You Are Not As Independent As You Think)

140.) Statecraft, Military Deception, "PsyOps", "Black Sites", & Canada's Peacemaker Myth

141.) Private Armies/Contract Killers/Private Mercenaries/Private Contractors & the Bilderbergs

142.) Drone Strikes, Insurgency, Hillary Clinton, the Occult, the Franklin Scandal, & War Veterans

144.) Aspartame, Monsanto, Hospital Wait Times, Homelessness & "Tent Cities", & Fukushima

145.) Police Quotas, Plunge Protection Team, Evaporating Pensions, Tokenism, and 9/11 Truthers

146.) Black Operations, PsyOps, and False Flags

147.) the Doomsday Clock, Doomsday Preppers, the Doomsday Vault, & the Invention of Time

148.) Rapes perpetrated by US Soldiers, Military Occupation & Rape, "Comfort Women", and Feminism

149.) Useful Idiots and the 45 Goals of Communism

150.) SSRI's, Crisis Actors, & the Global Agenda in Play

151.) Double Standards, Hypocrisy in Politics & Society, Irony in Every day life, and "Double Think"

152.) Whitewashing Middle Eastern and Islamic Possibilities, while Re-Creating Conservative Historical Islam

153.) the Creation of "Multiculturalism" & "Diversity" and the "White Guilt"/"White Privilege" Dichotomy

154.) Whitewashing the Occult out of the Historical Narrative, Sacred Geometry, the World Grid, and "Magik"

155.) Culture of Corruption -Positions of Power in Politics and Wastage by the Government

156.) Free Market is better than Statism, Centralization, Socialism, Govt Regulations, and Govt Theft

157.) Bail In's and Bail Out's -Bankism & Crony Capitalism at Work

158.) Growing Tent Cities, Growing Inequality, Growing Poverty rates, and FEMA Camp usage

159.) How "Bought" & "Paid" Professionals allows for the Detrimental Use of Fluoride in Society

160.) Getting the FDA's (Food and Drug Administration) Approval to Poison the Masses

161.) Cronynism, Corporate Welfare, Culture of Entitlement, and the Welfare State

162.) 2016 American Elections -the Clinton Dynasty VS. the Bush Dynasty (and their Criminal Scandals)

163.) the Oklahoma City Bombing (20 years of creating the Public's mentality to accept JADE HELM)

164.) 100+ Websites for Readers Who Are Tired of the Mainstream News & Perspectives from Institutions

165.) the "Money Mafia" -Bank of International Settlements (B.I.S.)

166.) Canadians "Asleep at the Wheel" -Imaginary Budgets and Illusionary Futures

167.) Questions Asked by Readers (your personal thoughts answered)

168.) Market Forces and Man Made Famines (Food & Aid used as a Weapon)

169.) "Food For Thought", Redefining Our Illusionary Reality (part 1)

170.) "Food For Thought", Thinking Outside the Box (part 2)

171.) "Food For Thought", Free Yourself From the Matrix (part 3)


173.) Nicolaitans -Saturn Worshippers and the Cult of Saturn

174.) the Black Boule, a Brainwashed Black Populace, and the George Soros Sponsored "Black Lives Matter" Protests

175.) Food for Thought - Fake Narratives create Fake Dreams, Fake Reality, & Fake People (part 4)

176.) "Food For Thought" -Reality as you know it, is a Constructed Illusion (part 5)

177.) "Food For Thought" -A Conditioned Reality for a Docile Population (part 6)

178.) "Communism Through The Backdoor": Big Government, Big Brother, and the Nanny State 

179.) Connect The Dots -the Present leads to the Future AND the Future is Near

180.) the Babylonian Talmud, Infiltration throughout History, and Zionist Agendas in play

181.) Controlled Opposition, Sheep Dipping, Agent Provocateurs & Intel Operatives, and CointelPro

182.) the "Money Lenders" aka Bankers, Exploding Derivatives & Disappearing Pensions, and Assassinated/"Suicided"

183.) Food For Thought: Sheltered Realities for the Sheltered masses (part 7)

184.) Canada's Historically Planned and Implemented Political Agenda (1974-2015+)

185.) Food For Thought: Don't let the TV and Internet Distract you and Think for you (part 8)

186.) Zionism in Canada, Canadian Corporate Shills & Sophists, and Zionist Global Agendas

187.) Food for Thought: Distractions, Indoctrination, and Propaganda causes Mass Delusion in Society (part 9)

188.) Distractions cannot hide the Present Economic Situation

189.) Socialism/Statism slowly erodes your Liberty 1st through Laws, then Taxes & Regulations, then Govt Debt, & finally Force

190.) Myth of Social Contracts, Erasing History with Political Correctness, and Creating Illusionary Narratives

191.) Food for Thought: Chains of Oppression can either be Accepted or Forced (part 10)

192.) State Style Education: Legal Brainwashing, Legal Indoctrination, and Legally Corrupting the Youth

193.) Food For Your Soul, Understanding Eternity

194.) 10 Statist, Socialist, & Liberal Myths Examined and Debunked

195.) Illusionary Reality VS Actual Reality: Wealthy & Influential People (part 1)

196.) New World Order -One World Statist/Corporate Government (see what's coming before it is here)

197.) Illusionary Reality VS Actual Reality: Powerful & Influential Institutions & Organization (part 2)

198.) You Do NOT Own Yourself: Profits for the Security Industry, "Backdoors", and Selling your Personal Information

199.) Liberty & Freedom starts with De-Centralization & Free Markets not Govt Regulations, Govt Licensing, & Govt Intervention

200.) MacroCosmic Understanding

201.) the Divisive State, Acidic Politicians, Asinine Political Views & Political Programs, and Apathetic Masses

202.) "Canary In the Coal Mine" & "Black Swan" Event -Warning Signs Abound Everywhere

203.) Don't Believe in Illusions. Illusions Vanish Over Time but the Pain & Disappointment Remains!

204.) Ideologies simplified (A-C) & Agendas Revealed

205.) Spy State/Police State/Military State, controlled Economic Collapse, & Replacing the 1st World with the 3rd World

206.) Gradualism, the Fabien Society, Predictive Programming/Revelation of the Method, and the Engineering of Society

207.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 1)

208.) Semites, Khazars, Jews, and Zionists: An Historical Timeline

209.) the Babylonian Banking System & the System of Usury

210.) Economic Hitmen, Predatory Loans, Vulture Capitalism, Unionism, & Crony Capitalism

211.) Replacing the "First World" with the "Third World" Globally -the New World Order

212.) Elites use Hegelian Dialectics & Divisive Tactics to strengthen their Power. Think Macro-cosmically instead!

213.) Fill your head up with Reality not Illusion. Speak Truth not Fabrications & False Narratives (part 1)

214.) Being in Awe of Reality -Understanding Frequencies & Vibration, the Fibonacci Series, and Sacred Geometry

215.) Questions Asked By Readers, 2nd Edition (your personal thoughts answered)

216.) PsyOps committed in the Past & Present by Intel, the Media, & others involved in "Crony Capitalism"

217.) Central Banks & Indebted Governments using your Birth Certificates on the Stock Market -"Strawman Entities"

218.) Forced Integration & Forced Equality, Tokenism & Multiculturalism, and what exactly is Privilege?

219.) Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness, Entitlement, Forced "Change", and Privilege

220.) Controlled Chaos = the "New World Order" (New Identities, Part Time Economy, Underclass, & Global Dictatorship)

221.) Eco Fascists, Activist-o-Crats, Statists/Socialists/Liberals/Progressives, Global Centralization and Agenda 21

222.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 2)

223.) Divisive Politics & Disruptive Societal Ideology -Feminism, Cultural Marxism, & "Popular" Movements

224.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 3)

225.) Preppers, Taking Back your Mind, and Weakening the Individual through Government Subsidies & Forced Austerity

226.) Questions Asked By Readers, 3rd Edition (your personal thoughts answered)

227.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 4)

228.) Fill your head up with Reality not Illusion. Speak Truth not Fabrications & False Narratives (part 2)

229.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 5)

230.) Canadian Federal Election 2015 (October 19th 2015)

231.) COMER vs Canadian Statist Political Parties and the Trudeauism/Trudeauites False Narrative

232.) When Saturn's Box is Sealed & the New World Order is Formed

233.) GRADUALISM: Fabian Society, London School of Economics, Keynesian Economics, & Statism/Socialism

234.) Anglo/American "Music Revolution", Hertz & Vibrations/Energy, Ether/Spirit, & Saturn's vibratory level

235.) Links to Related Topics covered on this Site (part 6)

236.) Radhnaites, Khazars, Trade Routes & the Slave Trades, Venetian Bankers, & "Special Privilege" granted

237.) Friday, November the 13th, 2015 -Paris Attacks

238.) George Soros -the Master Enabler, Destabilizer, & Crisis Maker through Protests, Revolutions, & the Migrant Crisis

239.) India's Independence is a Globalist Narrative. It is not a Factual, historical Indian Narrative

240.) Present day Sikh History & Sikh Identity is a Colonial Narrative. Created by the British & SGPC

241.) How Society Works presently & how Human Civilizations have Always Worked - "YES MEN" & "GROUP THINK"

242.) National Socialism VS Corporate Democracy/Corporate Socialism

243.) Arab Slave Trade/Arab Invasions, Tribe of Dan, Donmey Jews, Quraish Tribe, Radhanites, & the "Death Cult of Saturn"

244.) Judeo-Christianity, Marxist Socialism/Jewish Socialism, and Oswald Mosley & the British Union of Fascists

245.) Neo-Liberalism/Statism/Neo-Statism, Private Public Partnership (PPP), and Non-Profit Organizations

246.) the Rothschild Private Central Banking System & Empire and Why YOUR Country is in Debt

247.) the Roosevelt Family, Pearl Harbor, Alger Hiss, Donald Trump, & Source Energy

248.) 6 Million - overused, over exaggerated, & over exploited

249.) Tribal Islam, the Ottoman Empire/Turkey's relationship with the West, Armenian Genocide, and Saturn

250.) Anunnaki, Nephilim, Fallen Angels, Elongated Skulls, Middle Eastern Connections, & Underwater Pyramids

251.) Fill your head up with Reality not Illusion. Speak Truth not Fabrications & False Narratives (part 3)

252.) Zika Virus, Genetically Modified (GM), Bill Gates, "Soft Kills" & Vaccinations, Eugenics, & Disease Outbreaks

253.) A Globalist/Internationalist tool: The Internet & Spiritual Technology, Porn, & Disconnected from Humanity

254.) the Illuminati Card Game: Predictive Programming (Agendas broadcasted in broad daylight)

255.) Marxist-Globalist Indoctrination = Stockholm Syndrome, White Knight Syndrome, & Perpetual Victim Theory =Slavery

256.) What the Elites NEVER teach you & what you NEED to know in order to Understand History Properly & the Present Perfectly

257.) Must Read Books For the Masses in order to remove the Brainwashing that Educational Institutes Indoctrinate you with

258.) Awaken from your Indoctrinated Slumber in order to Liberate your Subconscious and Regain Your Freedom & Independence

259.) The Jewish Hollywood Empire & its effects on society: Creating Shirkers, Degenerates, and the Irresponsible Masses

260.) Noahide Laws, Talmudic Laws, the power of Chabad Lubavitch, Greater Israel, & a Jewish World Order

261.) the Radhanites: Historical & Present Day Slave Networks, Arms Network, Sex Trafficking, & Organ Harvesting Networks

262.) One must gain Spiritual Consciousness in order to avoid being perverted & corrupted by the Death Cult of Saturn

263.) Death & Life are but 1 thread. Spiritual Consciousness is your key to Freedom. Faith is your key to Peace

264.) Enablers, Seeing the Alternatives and Parallel Narratives, & Re-Hijacking our Narrative from the Elite

265.) Nationalism is the only thing Preventing Globalists/Internationalists/Marxists/Globalization from Succeeding

266.) "Point System" scoring when Hiring in the New World Order AND a "Divide & Conquer" Agenda in Plain View

267.) Respect, Communication, & Spiritual Understanding -the cornerstone for a successful Marriage &/Or Friendship

268.) Harness Jupiter/Zeus in order to defeat Saturn's Vibration & the Death Cult of Saturn

269.) Present Day Khazar Jews: Rewriting history in order to write themselves into the Historical Narrative that exists

270.) Lobbying, "Special Favors", "Speeches", "Donations", "Fundraising", "Meet-&-Greets" = Legalized Bribery & Legalized Corruption

271.) Black Pharaohs, Black Hebrews, Nimrod, & "the Great Flood" (the Abrahamic Narrative you have been taught is false)

272.) Sanhedrin, Majesty 12, Walt Disney, Monarch Mind Control/Indoctrinated Celebrity Slaves, & Screen Addiction

273.) Present Day Black Identity & Black Culture Created by the Black Boule, the 5%, & Order of the Eastern Star

274.) Mammonism, Saturn's Sun, Fallen Angels, & Satan the False Light leading you back to the Matrix that he controls

275.) the Samson Option -a Threat to the World. Israel's last option in case they do not succeed with their NWO plans

276.) 4 things Goyim are NOT allowed to alter for themselves -System of Usury, Trade routes/trade networks, Historical Narrative, & Laws

277.) The Saturn Death Cult, Electric Universe, Polar Configuration, the Purple Dawn, Ketu & Rahu, Plasma Physics, & the North Pole

278.) Demons/Non-Physical Entities & Demon Symbology, "the Serpent", Khazars, & the Tribe of Dan

279.) Tribal Warfare Perpetrated Constantly & Regularly By Jews Through All Means & Instruments At Their Disposal

280.) 25 Point Plan & National Strategy For A Better Tomorrow (Canadian Version)

281.) 22 Deadly Sins which have Destroyed Individuals, Corporations, Institutions, Families, Cultures, Countries, & Civilizations historically

282.) Moral Compass, "Natural Order", & National Socialism

283.) First Nation(s) in Canada, Native Indian history in Canada, & the European "Black Nobility"

284.) "Slippery Slope" & "Fear Mongering" OR Actual Occurrences & Planned Generational Conditioning

285.) Eroding Fake Narratives That Lead to Delusional Realities

286.) Understanding "the Great Reset"

287.) $15 to Oblivion & the Abyss (Enter A.I. & the Technological Revolution)

288.) Wrong Side Of History, Then & Now -There has always been 2 Sides

289.) Inflation leads to Collapse (Unavoidable Historical Truth)

290.) Occult Rituals & Demon Possession - "How to Become a Living God" [Demon Spirit(s) VS the Holy Spirit]

291.) The Pedophilia Empire/Network Among Us (Satan/Saturn grows stronger each day)

Basel 3, Global Reset, 5G, Smart Cities & Social Credit Scores

293.) Science (Unbiased Facts & Truth) VS Scientism (Politically Driven Research & Financially Funded Results)

294.) the Overton Window, Self Righteousness/Self Promotion/Ego, Gas Lighting, Virtue Signalling, Trolling, Censorship, Cancel Culture, & Social Credit Scores

295.) Post-Modernism to Post-Truth to the Rise of Technocrats

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