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China's Historical Impact on Europe & the World before the European "Age of Discovery"

- Since 85 AD, Chinese astronomers had made accurate observations of the period of planetary revelations around the sun.  

-By at least 263 AD, Chinese knew of Trigonometry. In fact, the Chinese knew and used advanced trigonometry.

-Gan De, Chinese astronomer had found Jupiter’s satellite (or moons) 200 years before Galileo.
Even the Lunar Month calculation of 29.530595 days were recorded.

-Detailed calendars were presented as a sign of respect to foreign heads of European states.

- Kublai Khan, 1st emperor of the Yuan Dynasty used astronomer Guo Shou Jing to create a calendar that he had measured to be 365.2425 days (which was the same as the Gregorian calendar made much later).

-Gunpowder, muskets, and cannons were all Chinese inventions.  By 960-1127 AD China had their 1st arms factory employing 40,000 workers.  Flamethrowers were even invented by 975 AD.  The First Europeans books on gunpowder weapons were published in 1440.

-Water wheeled battleships dating from the Song Dynasty (460-1279 AD) were used as were live smoke bombs thrown from catapults.  By 1264, rockets, gun powder muskets, and ship cannons were used by the Chinese.  Venice or Florence had neither item beforehand.  

-The Chinese cultivated Arab navigators and astronomers especially during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368)

- China knew of Australia and North America and also had solid knowledge of the Indian Ocean.  It was the Chinese who transplanted and genetically engineered much of the grains and animals that the world is familiar with (and that Britain receives credit for presently).  It was the Chinese who transplanted Hardwood to Southeast Asia.

- “Yongle Didian” completed in 1421.  Was an encyclopedia that could trace back to 2,000 years of Chinese history.  Over 11,095 books were written.  Most advanced library at the time.  Moreover, "Pascal’s triangle" was already in “Yongle Didian” before Pascal was born.  In fact, the Chinese had compasses by 25-220 AD.  The Chinese even knew how to build bazookas, flamethrowers, gunpowder bombs, rocket propelled missiles.

- Urban life survived in Italy after the Ostrogoths and Huns invasions of Rome.  In fact, Italians were not driven back to the forests, feudalism did not take place in Italy, and very few Crusades came from Italy (most were from France and Britain).  By 1420, the Medicis were the principal bankers to the papacy.  By 1430, Venice was the wealthiest city followed by Paris and Nuremberg.Venice was the hub of European trade.  It was the Venetians who were the first Europeans to trade with the Chinese.  The Cashless “giro system” was used by Venetian bankers (pyramid scheme of borrowing from one and lending to another  in order to keep money flowing and circulating).  Moreover, it was two banking families in Venice, de’ Medicis and di Marco Datini that controlled and influenced Venetian affairs.  After Datini died, the de’ Medici’s ruled.  It was the Medici's power and money that financed the Renaissance.  Paolo Toscanelli, Leone Battista Alberti, Nicholas of Cusa, Regiomontanus, Giovanni di Fontana, Pisanello, and Taccola, Di Giorgio’s greatest works come after 1434. 

-January 1431, the new Chinese emperor dispatches Zheng He and his enormous fleet to sail the globe and announce his reign.  Zheng He’s fleet was multinational and multi-faith.  "Best of the best" were on his fleets thus countless languages were spoken on board.  Zeng He’s fleet reached Calicut, Cairo, and Alexandria.  In Zheng He’s era, the ocean was dominated by Arabs and the Chinese.  Huge reason why pockets of Chinese and Arabs were historically found in Asia, Africa, and the Middle Eastern coastal areas.  It was the Chinese that lived on coastal areas that provided Europeans with maps, navigational tools, and an astronomical calendar beyond anything Europeans had been able to produce on their own.  These Chinese traders and merchants  left behind a mass of knowledge, including maps, astronomy, mathematics, art, architecture, and printing.  In fact, for the Chinese, calendars were essential.  The Gregorian calendar did not come into use until a century later since there was no unified calendar for all Europeans (for they had not yet agreed how to measure time).  Moreover, many Chinese and Mongolian slaves were also present in Venice.

- From 1405 until 1433, Zheng He's fleets travelled to: Champa, Java, Palembang, Malacca, Aru, Samudera, Ceylon, Qiulon, Kollam, Cochin, Siam, Calicut, Lambri, Kayal, Coimbatore, Puttanpur, Kelantan, Pahang, Java, Hormuz, Maldives, Mogadishu, Barawa, Malindi, Aden, Muscat, Dhofar, Bengal, Sharwayn, Djofar, Aden, Muscat, Brava, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Ganbali, Laccadive and Maldive Islands, Lasa, and Mecca.

- Zheng He brought back to China many trophies and envoys from more than thirty kingdoms (including King Vira Alakeshwara of Ceylon, who came to China as a captive to apologize to the Emperor for offenses against his mission).

- After 1434, Europeans maps were shifted away from the circular maps centered on Jerusalem.

-After 1434, Europeans adopted the Chinese system, which remains in use today.  The Chinese 
astronomy and star maps replaced their old Babylonian astronomy and star maps that they used.

- By the early Ming Dynasty, blocks and movable type printing were invented in China. However, Gutenberg credited for it in Europe.  In fact, Venice became Europe’s center of printing by 1441.

-When Byzantium fell in 1453, Venetians and Arabs were the victors.  Venetians paid Crusaders to sack the Christian capital before it fell to the Ottoman Turks.

-By the 1460's, Europeans adopted Chinese astronomy and rejected Aristotle and Ptolemy.

-By 1490, Leonardo di Vinci studies a series of amazing Florentine drawings of machines and engineering that seem to have been copied from the “Nung Shu” –a Chinese treatise printed in 1313.

-"In 1433, the Ming Dynasty halted these voyages and either burn the great fleet in its moorings and allowed others to rot.  This was done due to the fact the Hongle Emperor (who replaced the Yongle Emperor after 1421), was much more conservative and Confucianist in his thought, so he ordered the voyages stopped. In addition to the political motivation, the new emperor had a financial motivation. The treasure fleet voyages cost Ming China enormous amounts of money; since they were not trade excursions, the government recovered little of the cost. The Hongle Emperor inherited a treasury that was much emptier than it might have been, if not for his father's Indian Ocean adventures. China was self-sufficient; it didn't need anything from the Indian Ocean world, so why send out these huge fleets.  Finally, during the reigns of the Hongle and Xuande Emperors, Ming China faced a growing threat to its land borders in the west. The Mongols and other Central Asian peoples made increasingly bold raids on western China, forcing the Ming rulers to concentrate their attention and their resources on securing the country's inland borders".  However, China’s isolation opened the way for Europeans to take control of trade routes that China used and controlled in the past.  It also enables Europeans to take credit for Chinese knowledge passed on to Europeans and “whitewash” history and historical narrative . By 1571, the Ottomans naval power were gone as well, leaving Europeans to control the whole seas.

-After Zheng He’s voyage, China withdrew into self-imposed isolation.  At first China wanted to bribe barbarians and educate them in order to begin tributes to the Emperor.  However, abdication of the seas would cost you tributes.  Isolation leads to stagnation (economically, culturally, and militarily).

- When Europeans arrived in the New World, an international trading system used by Chinese, Arabs, and Indians awaited them that were in use for centuries.  When China left the world stage due to their self-imposed isolation, the trading system was Europe’s for the taking.

- Arabs controlled most sea ports until Europeans moved in after 1492.

- In 1492, Christopher Columbus reaches America.  Eighteen years earlier, he was given a map of the Americas by Paolo Toscanelli, who admits to having gleaned “the most copious and good and true information from distinguished men of great learning” who came to Florence from China.

-From 1505 to 1515, the appearance of world maps based on Chinese knowledge of the world in 1434. These maps include the “Strait of Magellan”, which had never been seen by a European.

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50 Notes on War and Reality

1.)  War can only stop through understanding or exhaustion.  War historically has only lead to temporary peace not lasting peace. Historically, peace has only occurred due to exhaustion, not through understanding.

2.) Individuals, communities, families, and countries are all "Pawns" to rival Superpowers.

3.)  The use of financial trade and the use of Education is another form of warfare used by rival Superpowers. Economic warfare “cold war”, and Militarily warfare “hot war” is what majority of people are familiar with.  However, in “peacetime”, education (by any means and through any form of entertainment, entertainment outlet, or news outlet -which is otherwise known as ‘government propaganda’ and ‘corporate propaganda’) will be used on citizens and enemies.

4.) THREATS IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL AGE (used by rival superpowers): Viruses, Spam ware, Hackers, and Mal-ware. Therefore, losing control of your operating device to others is a probable issue facing individuals, organizations, companies, and groups today that was not present in the past.

5.) "Crisis actors" will always be in play (ex: “sleeper cells” in key positions of power, authority, and influence) that will appear to direct an event or situation in a particular way.  Sometimes, both rival Superpowers will send “crisis actors” in order to create the opportunity most beneficial to them.

6.) Big Brother = “Big Bother”.  However, no government (even rival superpowers) want citizens to be free and non-dependent on the government. Presently the term, "Statism" is a new political term used by the media, by institutions, and by politicians to hide the similarities “Statism” has with Communism, Fascism, Corporatism, and the “Nanny State” -though it is exactly the same thing. Enemies of “Statism” will be "Libertarians", "Terrorists", “Anarchists”, “Social Degenerates”, and "Conspiracy Theorists".  The New World Order is creating this sort of Regional government in place to cull the population.

7.)  Every life can alter another life sequentially and you do not know if by eliminating a particular person what the sequential outcome will have on the world, region, or community. Hermits and ascetics are the easiest to eliminate but ramifications could still occur even when eliminating a hermit or ascetic.

8.)  A “Cold War” always follows a “Hot War” though in the history books, through institutes, and through the media and entertainment sector, it is not referred to that.  In fact, war never stops between opponents it just changes forms.  Only our perception of the war has changed and we believe it has stopped or has not stopped and therefore still continues.

9.) "Age of Global Anarchy" (presently)

10.)  In the political arena, there is "Naked" Aggression VS "Subtle" Aggression.

11.)  In the past, the UN was about “idealists” and “theorists” selling reality to people in order to get a predictive outcome.  However, presently the UN is filled with more and more celebrities selling reality, possible scenarios, and outcomes to people (ex: George Clooney, Leonardo Di Caprio, Victoria Beckham, Emma Watson, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, etc.).  This is who the masses are today. “Hero-worship” by the masses let celebrities think for us and plead for us to act.  We do not trust politicians but we trust celebrities oddly enough to push us forth on a political act (whatever that act may be).

12.)  "Rescued", "Saved" are both “loaded” terms that should subtly be used in the media and through social institutes instead of the way it is overused presently.  However, because it is an umbrella term in our reality it hides so much of what actually happened and played out.  The “loaded” words enable us to believe in romantic stories and romantic myths and create hero worship cults when in fact, it hides more than it reveals.

13.)  Criminalization of the United Nations began with the inception of the United Nations and the Security Council. It was unavoidable for the UN to not be a partner to crime since after World War 2 ended, we have been in the “Cold War” and the “War on Terror” and the United Nations has been complicit throughout it all without actually limiting the abuses of the members of the Security Council or its allies.

14.)  National parks may be used as mass grave sites when biological outbreaks and rebellions occur in urbanized metropolitan cities in the “First World” and “Second World”. The environmental movement will have served the Business movement by preserving the very thing needed for bodies to be disposed of quickly and quietly.

15.) In the manufactured and constructed social and physical reality that you live in presently, "There are three types of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics".  Truth must be lived and experienced.  Searched for in an unbiased way.  You must remove your identity and ego to seek it or you will always be caught in social narrative and social lies.

16.)  “Progressives” believe that "all cultures are equal". Yet, "if all cultures are equal" then why are we allowed to criticize some cultural policies, some cultural narratives, and some cultural histories but not others?  If all “cultures are equal” we should be able to dissect cultural policies, cultural narrative, and cultural histories equally and yet we are not.  It is socially accepted to criticize Western culture, Western narratives, Western values, and Western history yet taboo to speak about Islamic culture, Islamic narratives, Islamic values, and Islamic history. (Progressives = Liberals =”Political Correctness).  In fact, not one “leftist” has attacked Historical Islam.  Instead, “Leftists” just attack Zionists, Jews, the Elite, and Christians -which are easy targets.  However, this is a Disinformation tactic that is boiling underneath in a powder keg ready to explode at any time in any society that could spill over everywhere.  There are no “good” guys or “bad” guys.  There is just history!

17.) Military suicides have overtaken combat deaths since 2012

18.)  How do you change the past? You can change the past by writing it differently in your head and writing it differently in books. The past can always be altered because it is based on perception, facts always get lost in the story.  You are not writing the past for yourself but for others to look at, accept, and remember.

19.)  Resistance movements always pop up versus imperial Expansion and imperial Empires. History changes depending on who wins this battle.

20.)  SYRIA -Although it is true that ISIS/ “moderate death squads” had seized control over the oil refineries in Eastern Syria and were using them for their own strategic purposes it is also true that, in a large portion of these areas, the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) was poised to retake control. This is particularly the case in Dayr el Zor, where the SAA had recently launched a major offensive against the death squads causing ISIS fighters to become trapped due to aerial bombardment.  In fact, escape routes were cut off by the SAA . In other words, the death squads were trapped in Dayr el Zor, the city was weeks away from being liberated, and the surrounding areas were set to be re-conquered by the SAA. This, of course, would have led directly to the re-taking of the oil refineries by the Syrian government. Unfortunately, that opportunity has now been lost as a result of the U.S. airstrikes which destroyed the refinery infrastructure. It should also be remembered that most of the death squads fled these areas after being given forewarning of a series of imminent American airstrikes, thus causing the civilian casualties to be higher in number than those of the ISIS fighters the strikes were allegedly targeting. Indeed, many of these fighters have appeared in Northern Syria on the Syria/Turkey border reinforcing other death squad battalions in efforts to re-open supply lines from Turkey. It is also important to note that virtually none of the infrastructure being destroyed by the United States airstrikes was built by ISIS. It was built by the Syrian government. The reality of the bombing campaign is that the United States and its allies are destroying important regions of Syria and leaving nothing of real value for the Syrian military to re-take after its long-fought battles against ISIS. Thus, headlines across the world should more accurately read “US Bombs Syrian Oil Refineries To Prevent Assad From Retaking Them". Of course, while it is most likely true that ISIS is using their commandeered oil sites to support themselves on a number of fronts, and even attempting (with some success) to sell that oil, the idea that ISIS is somehow able to evade the most sophisticated monitoring network in the entire world during the process of obtaining, refining, selling, and delivering oil across the region is entirely unbelievable. Regardless, it must be pointed out that, among the countries listed as hosting ISIS customers by mainstream outlets like CNN, Turkey and Jordan are at the top of the list.  However, both are close American allies and one is a member of NATO. Even more interesting is the fact that ISIS has also allegedly sold “black market” oil to buyers in a number of EU member states. Yet the idea itself seems like more of a cover to mask the true nature of the funding of ISIS and other Takfiri militants operating in Iraq and Syria, namely that the funding is coming directly from the United States, NATO, and the G.C.C. There are even ridiculous claims presented that ISIS was funding itself entirely through secretive private Twitter donations and the sales of ISIS merchandise.  The “oil sales” argument is one that should be taken with a healthy dose of salt. After all, mainstream outlets are also asserting that ISIS is selling some of this oil to the Syrian government, a lose-win-lose situation for both sides and a rather poor attempt to portray Assad as an ally of ISIS.  Moreover, the US and its allies are presently bombing empty buildings as part of this theater presentation! We are making the same mistakes we did in Vietnam, bombing "suspected truck parks" that turned out to be empty fields!  The US Airstrikes on Syria Mark the Start of a Long War in many ways.

21.)  If Afghanistan has been known as “the Graveyard of Empires,” in the past, in our time, it may also be called ‘the Playground of Foreign Aid Experimentation.’ ” From 2006 to 2011, development aid from countries and multilateral organizations amounted to more than $30 billion, with limited results, since much of the funds fueling “mismanagement and corruption.” In a single year, there were more than 700 projects dedicated to girls and women, yet these focused predominantly on women in urban areas, with barely measurable results that are likely to be reversed in the event of a Taliban return to power. Supposedly, successful initiatives in education boast impressive numbers of students registered, but “half of Afghanistan’s newly created schools have no actual buildings, many lack teachers, most students never graduate, and one-fifth of the registered students are permanently absent.”

22.)  “JUST ONE MORE THING”- This is, of course, is what the US and Israel have wanted all along, and they have been playing this cute game called "Just one more thing." It goes like this. As soon as an agreement is about to be reached, the US says, "Just one more thing." Then a new agreement is put together and just as it is ready, the US again says, "Just one more thing." Then "Just one more thing." Then "Just one more thing." Then "Just one more thing."  Finally the other party, in this case Iran or Palestine, realizes that the US is not bargaining in good faith and quits, allowing the US to claim the other side is being unreasonable and walked away from negotiations! Because the US and Israel do not want peace with Iran or Palestine. They want war and to make it look like the other side is to blame for it.

23.)  "Depopulation of Rural Areas Will Give Obama and any other American president that succeeds him, Stalin-Like Control over Food".  The flood of produce into the US to save Europe will create a surplus, driving down prices. That will be good for the US consumer but will destroy USA’s domestic producers of those same items, who will be unable to pay the mortgages on their farms and orchards, setting them up to have their properties foreclosed on by the bankers.  Simultaneously, it also eliminates the power of: wheat unions, farm unions, farm monopolies and enables Free Trade deals that are presently frozen to go through and be rushed through Congress and Parliament.  Free trade deals presently will privatize the farming sector and farming lands handing the lands over to Corporations such as Monsanto.  These free trades cannot be reversed since Countries and corporations can take other countries to court for breaching the deals of the Free Trade Agreement that binds nations and its citizens to be locked in for a set of time.

24.)  “Ukraine bought some old T-72's from Hungary for 8,500 dollars each, their value as scrap metal. Now Ukraine does not use the T-72, it uses the later t-80 and t-84. However, Russia still uses the T-72.  Ukraine bought these tanks to plant near the border and frame Russia for an invasion”.  This is how “False Flags “occur, the vilification of nations commences, and war begins in a “blink of an eye “between allies, neighbors, and friends.

25.)  VICE is a government controlled false alternative media source that still leads to the same result as the right wing new stations that you see.  Again, the entertainment sector and the media play a huge part in creating a particular atmosphere needed for a “war climate”.

26.)  "National Day of Rage" -be careful when it is called into play for many variables will be in play during those days and during those events.  Many opportunistic “players” will use this for their political and financial gains.  Lives lost and those injured will be nothing more than collateral damage.  However, lives lost and those injured will be portrayed as “martyrs” in order to gain the “sympathy vote” in order to push forward with agendas and long sought after achievable plans that were not present without the social climate being present first.

27.)  Tribes rebelling versus Rulers in Islamic controlled populaces (first under Sunni rule, then under Ottoman rule, and now the West are caught in that phase).  In the Middle East & North Africa, tribes are rebelling against appointed rulers.

28.)  No anti-war movement has ever successfully succeeded in stopping the “War machine” once it is in motion.

29.)  NATO has no real purpose since America did everything for everyone in the past as a hegemonic power (through the Cold War until 2014). NATO was nowhere except in Kosovo. NATO in fact, was created for the Cold War.  However, when the Cold War finished, why was it still there when it was not needed? (unless, it has always been there to fight Russia, which is why it has emerged again presently. NATO was never eliminated or phased out because the West was not done fighting Russia which continued after the USSR collapsed in 1991.  The West actually expanded their influence into Eastern lands which is why there are so many problems presently in Georgia, Ukraine, and former USSR nations.  Presently, NATO is finishing what it started against the USSR in the Cold War –and arguably the West is finishing what it has started against Russia since the Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War, and World War 1).

  "The more privileged the more spoiled. The more spoiled the more self obsessed. The more self obsessed the nastier. The nastier, the more unhappy. And the more unhappy, the more demanding, to fill all the holes and gaps".  This is what an Imperial nation and an Imperial power creates for its citizens historically.  The spoils of wars also create attitude problems and problems of arrogance and entitlement that are hard to phase out in society once they take a grip on society.

31.)  Debt, Vaccines (medication and medication supplies), and Food have always been used as a Weapon especially when International Aid is used for Population Control.  Individuals, regions, and families are all collateral damage and pawns used for PR campaigns by rival superpowers.

32.)  "Our lie that we use is that we are not at war with Islam. Islam's lie is that they are ‘tolerant’ of other religions. The West want to tie, but Islam wants to win".  This is what is at stake presently.  Secularization vs. Islam.

33.)   "If you win it's a revolution, if you lose it's a civil war"

34.)  Wars are
(a) Workers killing workers (Marxist);
(b) People killing people (Humanitarian);
(c) Numbers fluctuating on a day-to-day basis (Statisticians);
(d) Houses broken, families torn apart, and trauma sustained (Sociologists);
(e) Money being spent, money being lost, money being gained (Finances)

35.)  China has now officially made the U.S.A.'s “Special High Interest Targets” list!

36.)  Name me one terror attack that actually accomplished anything beneficial to the alleged terrorists?  Israel’s “Irgun” who is best known for the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946 and the Deir Yassin massacre carried out together with “Lehi” on 9 April 1948.  “Irgun” was the political predecessor to Israel's right wing “Herut” (or "Freedom") party, which led to today's “Likud” party.  Moreover, “Likud” has actually led or been part of most Israeli governments since 1977.

37.) Steps to War:  Train natives first using intelligence agencies. Second, send “military advisors”.  Third, use Air strikes.  Fourth, use Coalition forces.  Lastly, use ground troops.

38.)  "White washing" history has enabled us to forget mercenaries (foreign and domestic) have always existed alongside Intelligence Agencies throughout history.  Mercenaries have been present and used in all Empires even ancient dynasties have used them to subdue and eliminate enemies and rivals.

39.)  No identity can ever live in theory or the “purity” of idealism. It will always alter and consolidate around culture and geopolitics that always exist when the ideology becomes present and active.  The identity and ideology will become what it tried not to become (ex: rituals, traditions, violent, literal, structural, etc.)

40.)  "Terroronia" (terrorism + paranoia).  This is the propaganda that has historically been used to create a complicit atmosphere for the populace to believe in and join in.  The “enemy” is everywhere will be carefully constructed, manufactured, and then sold to the masses ad infinitum.

41.)  When war erupts, Patriots will become accused of aiding, "The Enemy".  At this moment in time, everyone will become a suspect.

42.)  Presently there is a push to privatize police in the USA instead of publicly funded police 
(ex: Blackwater and major transnational security companies). Lobbyists are pushing for it presently.  This is another reason why the militarization of the police force took place over the years after 9/11.

43.)  “From society to a pack. Society unravels from civilization to packs fighting each other” in a blink of an eye when chaos emerges in a society that considers itself "civilized" and it's individuals "civilized".  Society only suppresses and contains the primal human element, it does not fully eradicate it.

44.)  USA’s allies (the coalition forces of the willing) in Syria and Iraq are all enemies of Syria, Iran (and Shia’s). ISIS hates Shia’s as well.  Syria and Iran are now trapped with nowhere to go.  Iran and Syria have to ally themselves with Russia and China and the coalition that Russia and China creates in order to survive.  After being targeted for war and avoiding war for 10 years (from 2001 to 2010), in the past 3 years (2011 to 2014) Syria faced tribal rebellion backed by the West.  Now they face ISIS fighters trained by the West.  Soon, they will face off with the West.  Choice has been taken away from the Syrian government over time, bit-by-bit.  This is how Empires nibble away, one nibble at a time, before eliminating something that was in it's way, no matter the lives lost.  Pawns are made to be used and put away when they have served their purpose.  

45.)  You will never know what you are getting into, what you had, and what you risked -until it plays out completely in reality. However, reality always sets in with a vengeance not like a thief in the night and before you know it, your reality has forever been changed and can never be reversed.

46.)  Barking is just rhetoric for the masses to take actions.  It is done to cause social pressure on a Social Actor on the World Stage.  Eventually, (a) someone is going to have to act or (b) whatever caused the barking will continue (and the issue will be left unresolved).

47.)  “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend” is widely attributed to the Arabs however, it is actually much older.  It originated in the 4th century B.C. in India.  Kautilya –  the “Indian Machiavelli”  who wrote about the idea in the Sanskrit military book, “the Arthashastra”.

48.)  “Precision” strikes are not that “precise”.  Strikes are made based on the intelligence that is given to a military unit, which is gathered through reconnaissance teams, informants, and “sleeper cells”.  Strikes are then performed that are needed to be made, however it often does result in civilian deaths, which are “collateral damage” in war.  Hence, individuals, families, and communities are all pawns when rival superpowers fight in war.

49.)Deaths in the past through wars” are not comparable to “deaths in the present through wars”.  Due to the population booms in the 19th and 20th centuries, many of the areas are presently populated and centralized.  However, in the past, many of the areas were not as populated or centralized.  Often times, a village was a tribe or kinship, nothing more, with about 300-1000 people living in it.  One life lost was a huge amount for that tribe and kinship.  There was not that much movement or mass migration in the past so one life lost in a village or community affected the whole community.  Armies took time to be called upon and rally together to even have a force needed to fight a military war.  Hence, why many of the wars were defensive and not aggressive.  This is why many of the aggressive campaigns were done by nomadic tribes and Empires (or both types simultaneously).  Everyone else was just pawns caught in the middle of a battlefield they wanted nothing to do with.

50.)   Sex and violence are often interlinked and this is the case in wars and military campaigns as well.  Especially in aggressive military campaigns where occupation takes place.  Rapes, “Sex camps”, Brothels, and Sexual Assaults take place on a regular basis.  Women of any age, religion, race and culture endured sexual violence.  The size of women, whether they were married or unmarried, whether they had children or were virgins -did not matter when they became targets of foreign armies (and even militias that were created in order to protect them used sexual violence on them).  Those that would protect the women or fought back against this type of humiliation would face death.  When occupying armies leave however, brothels, prostitutes/"used up" and "un-marriable women", and“sex camps” remain changing the fabric of that occupied area forever.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

90 Economic Facts to Consider

1.) The country that receives “Foreign Aid” is not allowed to use "Foreign Aid" the way it wants.  Instead, the “Foreign Aid” must be used the way the lender wants you to use it. Why corruption and bribery occurs and not “change” in the Third World.  This is not only an individual problem but a structural problem in place.  The citizens are the pawns.

JP Morgan Chase
Total Assets: $2,476,986,000,000 (about 2.5 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $67,951,190,000,000 (more than 67 trillion dollars)

Total Assets: $1,894,736,000,000 (almost 1.9 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $59,944,502,000,000 (nearly 60 trillion dollars)

Goldman Sachs
Total Assets: $915,705,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $54,564,516,000,000 (more than 54 trillion dollars)

Bank Of America
Total Assets: $2,152,533,000,000 (a bit more than 2.1 trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $54,457,605,000,000 (more than 54 trillion dollars)

Morgan Stanley
Total Assets: $831,381,000,000 (less than a trillion dollars)
Total Exposure To Derivatives: $44,946,153,000,000 (more than 44 trillion dollars)

3.) (a) The stock market increasing but the job market decreasing AND (b) creating wealth by creating debt CAN ONLY LEAD TO INEQUALITY OVER TIME. This is the present structural formula in play in consumer, globalized, and hyper-capitalized societies.

4.)  "Shortages" in certain export products at different times are used by corporations and national governments in order to hide inflation that is filtering into the economy due to weakening currencies

5.) The Fed's total assets and S&P 500 are correlated.  When the Fed stops, S&P 500 drops simultaneously.  Therefore, the more money the Fed prints the more the S&P soars.

6.) The US government is the biggest sub-prime debtor presently.

7.) China "Faked and Forged" Documents for Exports and Imports: At Least $10 Billion in Fake Trade Exposed in 2014.

8.) BEST CASE: Countries seize foreign assets, letting them operate, yet keeping the operating taxes instead of the country they represent. 
WORST CASE: Countries seize foreign assets, letting them operate, but keeping all the profits and operating taxes instead of the country, they represent.

9.) US government confiscated gold bullion and then made owning it illegal back in 1933.

10.)  STRONGEST CURRENCIES IN THE WORLD in 2014: Pound, USD, Yen, Rubble, Euro, IMF (SDR)

11.) Passports, Citizenship, Guns, Gold or Silver, and Porno (referred to as “contraband”) can be seized from safety deposit boxes inside banks. The individual however, needs to go to court to have it released.

12.) Default rates go up when more loans are given out to borrowers.

13.) Cash buyers and foreign buyers are buying up houses presently, not citizens or the middle class. Purchasers are not "every day" citizens.

14.) The longer Russia waits the more Ukraine collapses (financially)

15.) Banks confiscate real wealth in order to recapitalize banks

16.) Central Banks trade and buy S&P 500 futures.  By doing so, it props up S&P 500 futures. (Includes contracts, metals, options, and futures).

17.) "Dumpster diving" growing in Western nations (as well as Food Stamps dependency).

18.) The main party buying government bonds presently are banks

19.) Wall Street banks are getting hit by cyber attacks every single minute of every single day. A massive onslaught is not highly publicized because the bankers do not want to alarm the public. However, as you can see, one big Wall Street bank is spending 250 million dollars a year just by themselves to combat this growing problem.

20.) Other economies slowing down slows down China, China slowing down automatically slows down other countries (vicious downward circle with no end in sight)

21.) What is "real" GDP in any economy anymore? Adjustments continue to be made by national governments and institutes presently to keep the GDP propped up and higher than it really is.

22.) "Subprime" -people with no money borrowing money to buy things

23.) If the economy is doing good, you don't have to be told it, you will feel it.

24.) Higher and Bigger bubble than in 1929, 1987, and 2008. Hence, bigger crash than ever before.

25.) "Warfare state" VS "Welfare State".  You can only have one not both.  Most nations presently are switching from "Welfare state" to "Warfare State".

26.) Big banks presently are getting into trailer park mortgages to make profit.

27.) Refinancing debt is occurring by countries presently;  Refinancing mortgages is what people do when they don't have any more money.

28.) "Hot" spots and "Cold" spots will always get hit hard differently. Which area do you live in? The "Hot" area is the last to go down.  The "Cold” area goes down first by: (a) becoming stagnant, (b) people moving away, (c) businesses moving away, (d) filled with immigrants and the poor who depend on the welfare system to survive, (e) ghost towns created filled with empty decrepit buildings and rampant homelessness (are is financially broken).

29.) The four largest banks in China, the banks that have to officially show big profits and profit growth no matter what because they’re an integral part not only of the government but also of China’s miraculous debt-driven expansion, are showing officially tolerated signs of increasing stress. For perspective, in 2009, following the Lehman moment, as other banks were collapsing and were bailed out, the profits of these four banks grew even then, if only by a combined 2.9%. These four mastodons – Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, and Bank of China – admitted to 384.7 billion yuan ($62.6 billion) of bad loans on their book at the end of June, a 13.2% jump from just six months earlier. The jump in bad loans ranged from 11% at Agricultural Bank of China to 17% at Bank of China.

30.) Their "recovery" is the stock markets and people borrowing money from the banks.

31.) Always ask yourself, "what is the trend line?" (when it comes to stocks -does it fluctuate or is moving in one angle? This is always a Telling sign of how companies and the economy is doing!)

32.) National Governments have insured banks, builders, and major transnational corporations in case of an economic collapse.  This is why they do not have a problem lending money, building property, and opening new stores.

33.) Indicators VS. Stock Markets (Indicators predict stock market crash about to occur; Stock Markets predict that we are in good times)

34.) This system cannot be saved because it has incurred too much debt.

35.) Derivatives, Fractional Reserves, and Real Assets are always in play.  Real Assets are already owned.  Not sure what people are actually putting their money in now and investing in.

36.) Interviews is what is counted in the job reports data, not sending out resumes, or getting a low paying part time job therefore quitting the job search altogether, or being a "freelancer" and looking for any work to stay afloat.

37.) Several Wall Street firms are selling securities backed by longevity risk - the risk that retirees receiving benefits will live longer than expected.

38.) A bad economy depends on cheap oil.  However, low oil prices affect -Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Venezuela the most.

39.) If you don’t have to buy oil in USD then you won’t buy USD, therefore leaving USA with too much USD. This is why America remaining as the Reserve Currency is important because this forces countries to use the PetroDollar when trading.

40.) Industrial Revolution sped up life. Reality could never go back afterwards. Colonialism without Industrial Revolution would just have been like ancient Greek or ancient Rome expanding.
(Emergence of Christianity, Emergence of industrial revolution, Emergence of technological revolution were 3 things that could never be reversed once they had started and been implemented).

41.) Banks do not put foreclosed houses back on the market, which allows house prices to remain high and therefore everyone makes money.

42.) Robots and Machines that will replace Human jobs and Human beings are presently created, stored, and at worst -on blue print, designed, and patented by major companies.  Presently, these Robots and Machines are slowly being manufactured, implemented, and used in locations and major companies.  Robots and Machines just haven't been mass manufactured yet.

43.) The "permanent recession" is an oxymoron because you can only go down so far and once you hit rock bottom, there has to be an "up" and presently we are "free falling" waiting for that "boom" moment before the "up" moment can occur.

44.) When the dollar returns to the US after countries and people de-dollarize and make another currency their reserve (meaning no one else will buy the dollar) prices in the US will sky rocket, and everything falls apart.  Presently many nations are doing their trade either in Yuan, Rubles, gold, Bilateral trade, or in silver.  The dollar is being squeezed out of deals currently.

45.) The S&P 500 index is near a record high yet the U.S. has the lowest level of stock ownership since 1995.

46.) In Venezuela -first, they came for the financial paper(s) -currency, then the Toilet Paper, and then they came for the News Paper.  Then the country was absolutely broke.

47.) Social contract =paying for national debt, being drafted, and paying taxes

48.) Financial delinquencies are skyrocketing presently

49.) Gas is cheap presently because less people are driving and pumping gas.  Less air travel, less road travel, less travelling by car unless it is a necessity.  Gas being cheap also deflates the price of gold and props up the American currency. 

50.) Banks are currently loaning for Sub-prime commodities.  This is occurring presently in order to keep people borrowing and spending, in order for companies to make profit and the economy from not weakening (ex: sub-prime I phone purchases)

51.) Why use America’s exchange rate and buy American treasuries when you can avoid it altogether and do barter trades with each other?, and do bilateral trades with one another?  This allows you to bypass the American system and simultaneously weaken it.

52.) Housing loan, then car loan, then student loans. The student loan is the last loan standing in this stagnant economy because it enables people to hope in a better future which neither a housing loan or car loan can give you.  When student loan go -no hiding the bad economy.

53.) When people pull money out quickly they generally do not rush to put it back in.  No incentive for them to do it.

54.) National congestion fee (tax) and Carbon tax –for traffic congestion and gas creates government revenue but also weakens purchasing power for individuals and families.

55.) In 2014, the Ontario provincial Liberal government passed a 148% tax hike on "aviation fuel".  Sun wing Airlines will now be operating certain flights and flying out of Buffalo in order to be profitable therefore cutting staff members in Ontario.

56.) More taxes mean less money to spend which means less choices and therefore less individualism.  Freedom and individuality is over for Collective mainstream society (after being manufactured in the 1960's & 1970's by social institutes, governments, and corporations in order to prop up consumerism and capitalism.  Now, due to financial constraints people will not be able to shop in "high end" retail stores and be an individual).

57.) Say goodbye to the "Era of Wishful Thinking".  Many observers have been waiting for the moment when the fog of pretense lifts and exposes all the broken machinery within.

58.) When will the “sell off “occur?  That is the question.  When will the “sell off” and “bank run” occur? Huge “sell off” will prevent “buy back”.  “Buy Back” will not occur when there is no money to be made by investors. 

59.) Being eternally in debt is not as import for those that are presently in debt and have nothing (or very little) to do with the stock market. Most of the wealth (money) is in the hands of a few of the richest families in the world and they can support the stock market forever if they want. So do they want the market crash? And when do they want it? That is the question. At present, it seems that they do not want the market to crash. However, it is their game and they will decide when they want to fold and there is nothing the majority of people can do.  Those in debt cannot save the stock markets. 

60.) "The Working Poor" keep the Banks and Credit Card companies alive; "The Middle Class" keep the Retailers alive; "The Wealthy" keep corporations (especially with the “buyback” option) and stock markets alive.  The "Middle Class" however is shrinking and therefore retailers are feeling this shock (hence many mergers and takeovers are taking place in order to keep these retailers alive).

61.) Outside of top cities (Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary), the Canadian housing is ‘mediocre at best’

62.) A "Currency war" can take down an economy quicker than a "Hot war" could.

63.) Banks use your money for fractional reserves, bail-ins, and for their monthly revenue.

64.) "The rich get richer and the days get shorter for everyone else"

65.) Currently, Russia is replacing their foreign currency reserves with gold, dumping USD treasuries.

66.)  "It Doesn't Matter Until It Matters" and this is why many people are not paying attention to the economic or political situation at a macrocosmic level.  Most people think the "game" will be played for ever, the situation will remain the same, and therefore they continue onward with the same behavior patterns that they have always known.

67.) The US-EU Russian Sanctions is actually helping Russia from collecting useless US treasuries and instead it enables them an opportunity to engage in bilateral trade with other nations.

68.) A deflation occurs when people lose faith in the financial system and begin paying down their debt.  However, our paper money system is based on debt and is designed to continuously increase. When the trend begins to reverse, a deflation sets in.  The US will enter a state of significant deflation. At this point, they will fire up the printing presses, causing a HYPERINFLATION. In Weimar Germany, the Reichbank was printing quadrillions of Marks everyday! That's the magnitude of hyperinflation that the Fed is racing towards. Based on historical data, it won't be a case of inflation or deflation. It will most likely be one after the other. The deflation won't last very long before it RAPIDLY changes into inflation. Food stamp usage will break records, as well as disability and other social assistance programs. In a not-so-shocking coincidence, the deflation will allow the elite to pick up stocks and other paper investments at rock-bottom prices.

69.) “It is impossible to earn interest without creating poverty”

70.) "Credit Freeze" and Deflation are worst than Inflation because Inflation still enables banks to lend money, interest to be earned for banks, the "American Dream"  to continue, purchases to continue for people who always need worthless stuff (commodities), and businesses to continue making profit thus hiring people.  “Credit Freeze” is the opposite where banks do not lend money and everything shrinks, "bank runs" occur, and people lose jobs.

71.) Under the guise of stopping "Climate Change", some governments have decided to tax any industry that outputs carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases.  At the same time giving
waivers to companies like G.E. so that they can maintain a 0% tax rate.  Of course, the businesses simply pass their increased overhead onto the customer, equating to higher prices, environmental fees, and other hidden taxes.

72.) China will launch its International Gold Exchange.  The significance of China's gold exchange is that the western banking system will no longer be able to dominate the price of gold to protect their paper assets.

73.)  "You can't feed a family with G.D.P." (Or gold for that matter.  You will need a buyer and hence the buyer is in charge if you are starving -not you and a smart buyer knows this.  This occurs because you will take anything for the gold in order to eat and stay alive.  You will not pick and choose and wait for the right price or the right buyer because you are desperate for food in order to stay alive.  If you have food, you would not sell it for gold, because you do not know how long this crisis will last.  Therefore, non perishable food becomes gold so what good is storing gold for?  You will always be suspicious as well and have to tell no one about the gold.  Possessing gold is more problematic than not possessing gold).  You will also have to be careful who you tell about your stockpiling of food as well because people will come to take it away from you and you must find a way to protect yourself from that scenario.

74.) If you take out Oil investment and Coal investment from National governments and Corporations, you automatically eliminate jobs as well, and weaken the national economy. To compensate for the lost government revenue from Oil investment and Coal investment, governments will implement a Carbon tax.  However, individuals lose either way because the individual will have to pay the Carbon tax and the higher cost for gas and coal products that he needs to use.

75.) When the Dollar’s ‘Pre-Eminent Reserve Currency Status’ Erodes -the US Will Face a New World of Funding Constraints.

76.) First, the world is divided between “the Takers” and “the Taken” (and then afterwards, the “Haves” and “Have-nots”).

77.)  “the Investor” and “the Entrepreneur” – are Symbols of the Hyper Capitalist, Globalized, and Consumer system in place presently.

78.) Bombing ghettos such as the one in Brazil are on the table. Presently, these ghettos are unprofitable and inhabitable presently.  The ghettos are difficult for gentrification to occur because there is no investor interested and also because it would still create a housing problem for those living currently in the ghettos who are poor, unemployed, and impoverished with nowhere to go in modern society and no land to give them.  This is not like the past with people living in the forests and governments being able to force them into the cities and therefore force them into the urbanization process that was occurring.  Presently, there is not much land that can be used by those leaving the ghettos unless they were able to get the lands in the Rain forest after deforestation occurs.  However, deforestation will slow down in Brazil soon and in the next war, Brazilian ghettos that are populated will be a target either by the Brazilian government or a foreign government or by "Terrorists".

79.) "Professional Resume Submitter (is the biggest job in the market today)

80.) The reason there is circular stagnation is because the economy crashed after the last, housing, bubble (which itself was a response to the dot com bubble preceding it) reached epic proportions and burst. So what is going on now is merely the global central bank cartel reflating the next bubble, and final, bubble.  Central banks may be doing so with good intentions, "to get back to full employment", but the bottom line is the entire world is now gripped in what is without doubt the biggest asset bubble in history. The good news: everyone will be able to top-tick the bubble and sell just before everyone else sells.

81.) Easy money is always the wrong medicine, but most especially for an economy that is already and self-evidently saturated with too much debt.

82.) No way to make money for a "savers" because of low interests so they go into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  "Savers" take risks presently that they would not otherwise because the banks favor lenders and borrowers not savers.  If banks worked the way they should normally work, "savers" wouldn't take as much risk as they do presently in order to make a profit.

83.) The system is not just flawed - it is terribly misguided and structurally destructive -financially and politically.  Presently, people play the roles and positions available for them.  They can do nothing to change the system in place.

84.) History may not repeat exactly because technology, resource discoveries, and political dynamics change the nature of society, but it does rhyme the same because the human foibles of greed, lust for power, arrogance, and desire for conquest do not vary across the ages.

When China was made the "number 1 trade partner" for the USA by Nixon in the 1970's it put China into USA's economic orbit.  It pulled China away from the USSR and eliminated the Tibetan freedom guerrilla movement simultaneously.  This meant the USA now had a cheap labor force at their disposal, China had an export nation to send its products to which allowed for it's economy to boom, hyper-Consumerism  and globalization could begin worldwide, the FIAT currency system could be introduced which allowed the USA to step away from the Gold Standard, and it isolated the USSR even further.  By 1979, due to all of these occurrences -USSR invades Afghanistan.  Without USA, China would not be the mass exporter they are today and the global/regional superpower they are presently.  In return, China however would not have been USA’s main buyer of US treasuries and US bonds.  Mutual beneficial relationship for both China and the USA.

86.) Good Job, Fed: After Mucking up Housing Market, Investors Fled. What is Left presently is a Toxic Mix: Dropping Sales, Still Rising Prices, and Ballooning Inventories.

87.) “The Secret” published in 2006 led to the most amount of volatile behavior by investors and borrowers in 2006-2008 (which led to the Subprime Mortgage crisis in 2008).  Hope fuels many volatile behaviors and risky actions.

88.) Presently major Corporations are offering Credit Cards and Checking Accounts in order for individuals to go to their stores instead of the banks.  This enables Corporations to continue making profits -on sales and on interest loans (ex: Walmart, Tim Hortons, etc.).

89.) Using the "PetroYuan" and the "PetroRubble" means lessening of the "Petrodollar".  This means no need to purchase USD in order to trade in the markets.  This is why America and the West is reacting militarily in Asia and the Middle East.  Both sides are creating military alliances and bases that they will use against one another and against their enemies (domestic and international).

90.) Just Admit It: You (and your kids) are "State Property".  You are not as free as you believe and you cannot escape the reach economically or politically of your government and the nation you live in.  You can renounce your citizenship, move away, and buy another country's citizenship however, you are still State Property no matter where you go.